Yearly Archives: 2002

Episode 4

Ghandia, you suck. Buh-Bye.

hehe. So what did we learn today? We discovered that you can’t try and force other people to think like you do. We also found out that sometimes you should keep personal things PERSONAL. Ghandia, you voted yourself off.
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How to Survive/Handle Layoffs

Well, I’m sitting here waiting for layoff round 4 to get to my group and I figured I may as well put together a little blurb on how to survive layoffs. Now, by survive, I don’t mean how to come out with your job, I mean how to literally survive. Layoffs are tough mentally. Multiple rounds of layoffs are exhausting mentally, physically and ethically.

Any of you who haven’t been through layoffs won’t realy understand what I’m talking about but maybe you will read this and remember it in the off chance you’re unfortunate enough to be in my situation.
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Gruesome Picture

For those of you with a weak stomach, I wouldn’t go any further…..
This is quite shocking. He fell from a height and on impact everything came out…

You can see the horror on the faces of those around.
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MT 2.5

Well, I just upgraded to Movable Type version 2.5 and I noticed it now has a search function! Woot! I’ll have to play around with that later and see if I can get this site a little better organized at the same time. I’ll probably be changing the colour scheme and layout a couple times over the next while to try and get something that I like and that is relatively easy to navigate. :)

If you’ve got any suggestions, add them as a comment to this article.