Animator vs Animation

Animator vs Animation has to be one of the most interesting things I’ve seen in a while. It’s a flash animation done by Alan Becker where the animation starts to fight back. There’s a sequel to it called Animator vs Animation II.

I was originally pointed to the sequel by Jeff at work. well, he told me to look for it on a NSFW site so it took me a couple days to track it down. The sequel is so much better than the original but both are still pretty wicked.

Go check them both out!

One thought on “Animator vs Animation

  1. DancingKim

    Hi, i’m a professional dancer. i’d like to make a showreel intended for my promotions. I also want to use some animation. Can someone suggest me a fantastic animation studio, but not very expensive? I’m here for 3 months for a tour.


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