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Holy Political Turmoil in Canada Batman!

The Canadian DMCA: Proposed Canadian Copyright Law Updates for 2008

Time to get educated everyone. If you don’t know what the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is, you need to start Googling. The Canadian Government wants to bring in something even more draconian than the DMCA that our American friends are stuck dealing with. If you like your PVRs with time shifting, ripping your CDs to MP3 for your iPods or any number of other digital media tools, it’s time to raise your concerns and send mail to your MPs. All of those activities (and many more) will become illegal according to the proposed copyright law updates.

Check out Michael Geist‘s blog for a lot more information. You can also find information on Facebook in the Fair Copyright for Canada group that Michael Geist created.

David Emerson –
‘I don’t really care’ about reaction to party switch: Emerson

Mr. David Emerson, it’s nice to know you don’t really care. You claim that you’ve switched parties for the benefit of your constituents but at the same time, you don’t really care about the complaints coming from the same constituents.

“I think these people ought to give their head a shake and ask themselves how much of that money would have even come to the Liberal party if I hadn’t been there.”

That’s a really nice thing to say Mr. David Emerson. It must be nice to have someone foot the bill for you and then to just turn around and complain that they are all idiots and should just put up with your choice. Especially since your choice was for the benefit of those same constituents and supporters that you’ve just screwed over. Why didn’t you run for the Conservatives? Oh right, because the Conservatives haven’t been elected in your riding in almost 50 years. You didn’t stand a chance if you switched to the Conservative party before the election so why not just milk those Liberal supporters for all their time and money just to walk all over them after you get elected.

Mr. David Emerson, I would have to disagree that you have made this party switch for the benefit of your constituents. It sounds more like you had the carrot dangled in front of you and you jumped at the chance to advance your own agenda. Not only that, you’re crazy enough to badmouth the 20064 people that actually supported and voted for you.

Liberals vow to ban handguns

Apparently the Liberals vow to ban handguns if elected. This has to be one of the dumbest things I’ve heard yet. The reason that the Liberals vow to ban handguns? To attempt to reduce the number of gun crimes.


Banning handguns will not reduce the number of crimes committed with handguns. As the saying goes “Ban X and only criminals will have X”. By banning handguns, the government simply annoys Jane & Joe Average taxpayer who happen to own a handgun. These law abiding people are forced to dispose of their handguns because they have been banned. Meanwhile, John & Sally Criminal quite gleefully laugh since the handguns they have are already illegal (most likely not registered) and remain that way. Amazingly, those illegal handguns will keep showing up and being used in crimes. Why? Because a ban can only be enforced on law abiding citizens.

Under the current system, handguns are prohibited but people are allowed to possess a restricted firearm for target practice, target shooting competitions, to form part of a collection or, in rare cases, for employment purposes or to protect your life.

So if the Liberals vow to ban handguns, I think I need to vow to ban Brussel Sprouts. Then we law abiding citizens won’t have to eat Brussel Sprouts and the criminals can eat all they want.

Vote By Issue

I just took the CBC Vote By Issue quiz and now I’m even more undecided about who I’m going to vote for. I included all 4 of the major parties (Yes, even the Bloc) and started answering the questions. It’s all an agree/disagree setup but you can also choose to not answer a question. The quiz consisted of 12 sections, each with 4 questions.

My results? I agreed on 8 issues from each of the 4 parties and disagreed on 4 from each of the 4 parties. Aw crap. Maybe I should do it again without the Bloc included just to see what I end up with. I already knew I was going to have to select the least rotten party but this makes it even more difficult.

How about you? Go try the vote by issue quiz and see how you do.

Kim Campbell says Harper won’t win

Kim Campbell says Harper won’t win

“Their (the Conservative party’s) positions are too socially conservative, I think, to form a government in Canada. People may like their fiscal policies but they’re frightened by their social conservatism…It’s a pity because it denies people a choice on policy issues.

I think Kim Campbell has hit that bang on. This election is going to be one of the toughest ones to vote in. If Harper was to drop the seriously right-wing portions of his platform, his party might actually stand a chance of getting votes from former Liberal supporters who want to get rid of what they view as a corrupt government. Most Liberal voters won’t even consider Harper simply because of his social stance.

Unfortunately, the “new” Conservatives are way to conservative for me and Harper doesn’t come across very well at times. Too bad Peter MacKay didn’t win the leadership of the party, I’d vote for him.