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Posts with updates on the site. These will typically include notes about changes to how everything is running.


Well, I guess my time ran out.  My website was cracked at some point in the last couple months. Someone managed to figure out my password (which was a really crappy password) and started adding a whole lot of hidden spam to my posts.  Unfortunately I didn’t notice until Google sent me a message indicating that their search robot found spam on my site.

So this morning I’ve been cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and trying to determine what was touched.  I have a few ideas on how the person got access and they are all due to crappy passwords. Now is a good time to remind everyone to create strong passwords.  If you need some help, check out a site like Bad Neighborhood‘s Mnemonic Strong Password Generator. You shouldn’t use your pets, kids, grandkids, or common words for a password.

Oh, and to anyone who had a login/password on – sorry, they have all been deleted now.  I’m going to try to roll out a new website in the coming weeks so the timing of this isn’t so bad.  Pretty much everything is changing.

Update: Well, this sucks. At first I didn’t think I had been de-listed from Google but now it seems I have been. Crappy. Here’s hoping they get to my “reconsideration request” sometime soon.

200th Post!

Well, this is the 200th post on Too bad this isn’t a sitcom or we could have some silly “best of” show.

Oh, in case you hadn’t noticed, there are now two of us posting here. I finally convinced The Boss to start writing about her/our experiences with cloth diapers and other baby stuff. Stay tuned for more.

Site Cleanup in Progress

There is a site cleanup in progress here on at the moment. After moving everything around there are a bunch of broken links and image links that are getting fixed. Along with that I’m in the process of re-tagging all of my posts now that I’m using the über cool Ultimate Tag Warrior plugin.

It’s been made slightly difficult with all of the network problems that DreamHost has been experiencing recently. It’s slow and tedious when your database server takes minutes to respond instead of milliseconds.

Ultra slow webserver response is experiencing some ultra slow webserver response tonight. According to Dreamhost‘s status page they are having major network problems again today. Supposedly there is a major network upgrade happening next Monday night to try and fix all the problems.

It’s been hit or miss here on for a couple weeks now and most painful has been intermittent database server outages. No database means no content as everything in WordPress is served from the database. Guess I’ll have to look a little closer at that cache plugin to see if it will help any. redesign

In case you didn’t notice, has been redesigned. I’ve decided to move away from the multitude of subdomains and put everything back on the main domain. I’m still using WordPress but I’ve started with a different theme this time and hacked in some of the features I want.

I’m in the process of working out some bugs associated with redirecting all of my blog traffic from the old subdomain to It’s sort of tricky as I’ve made some changes to URL mappings and moved some stuff around.

Eventually I’ll also get the photo gallery moved over. I started moving everthing to the Gallery2 software a while ago but never really transitioned everything from the old Coppermine code. Now I’m going to try and make use of the WPG2 plugin. So far it’s working out OK. It is missing one major feature at the moment however – I need to be able to insert full-sized images! Oh well, it seems there are some patches to achieve this, I just need to take some time to check them out.