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VIDEO: Adventures on ice in the Pacific Northwest – Autoblog

Found this today on Autoblog and thought it was appropriate considering it’s a snowy day here in the Nation’s Capital.

Update: Oh, so it looks like that video has been taken down due to a copyright claim. Oh well

And that video lead me to this one which is equally as funny and stupid at the same time:



Combine Demolition Derby

TGIF Video: Oh, Deere… it’s combine derby time!

I found this one while flipping through Autoblog this morning. Now I know what my brother-in-law can do with his combine when it’s ready to be retired. He can truck it over to Lind, Washington and participate in the Combine Demolition Derby that they hold every year. Yes, it sounds crazy but it looks like it would be a lot of fun to watch.

I think the only thing more fun than a combine demolition derby would be a semi-truck demolition derby. Hmm. I’m sure there probably is one, now to find where and when it happens…