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$4 theft brings 15 days in jail

I was checking out the CBC news from Prince Edward Island this morning and found this rather humourous article about a man who was going to spend 15 days in jail for stealing $4 from a charity donation box.

Apparently the guy stole the Children’s Wish Foundation donation box from a gas station but got caught on tape doing so. I guess he was hoping for a huge payoff but instead, he only got $4. I like how Judge Nancy Orr told the guy he was making a $25 donation (the money in his pocket at the time) to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

So for a $4 gain, he’s now out $25 plus he also gets to spend 15 days in jail. Oh well, it’s good to make an example of people from time to time.

The Spirit Has Gone to Heaven

The Spirit has gone to heaven! Finally!

Some of you may recall the old Dodge Spirit that we’ve had kicking around in our driveway for a couple months now. It had become the new home and walnut storage for the damn squirrel this fall. The reason we had kept it for so long was that the tires on it were pretty much brand new and exactly the same size as the Pontiac Sunfire that we bought to replace the Spirit. It took us a while to track down some replacement bald tires for the Spirit.

Once we got everything fixed up with the tires, we contacted Car Heaven and arranged for them to come collect the Spirit. Car Heaven is a pretty neat program because the car ends up being disposed of in an environmentally safe way. Also, the proceeds of anything that can be stripped and sold from the car are donated to one of the charities involved in the program (you can pick the one you want).

And here is the Spirit on it’s way up the stairway ramp to heaven!

Here is our Dodge Spirit getting hauled away to Car Heaven

Here is our Dodge Spirit getting hauled away to Car Heaven

Finally the Spirit is on it’s way and no longer taking up space in our driveway. Yippee!

There goes the old Dodge Spirit to Car Heaven

There goes the old Dodge Spirit to Car Heaven