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Kemptville Flooding Panorama

I put together a panoramic picture of the flooding of Curry Park on the Kemptville Creek. I used an application called Hugin.

Panoramic view of the flooding of Kemptville Creek near Curry Park in 2008

Panoramic view of the flooding of Kemptville Creek near Curry Park in 2008

There is an add-on application for Hugin called autopano which made short work of calculating all of the stitch points for the panorama. The only problem with autopano is there isn’t a pre-compiled OS X version so I started putting together the panorama on my Windows XP box. That was fine until it came time to produce the final panorama file as for some reason, the enblend application kept crashing on my Windows XP box.

To get around that I took the autopano generated project file and moved over to the iBook to produce the final result. Not too bad for the first time using the Hugin application and the first time I’ve made a panoramic photo. Next I’ll have to figure out how to re-balance the colours so that it’s not obvious it’s stitched together. ;)

Kemptville Creek Flooding Update

The Kemptville Creek is still at the highest level I have seen in the few years we’ve been here in North Grenville. Today we had some rain which isn’t great but it doesn’t seem to have caused any major change to the water level around Curry Park. Yes, there was an increase but not on a massive scale.

I’ve seen some interesting things over the past 36 hours though. Yesterday some idiot decided that it would be a good idea to drive his truck down the flooded lane way to the Curry park boat launch. He backed down until his floorboards were in the water, sat there for a good 5 minutes and then stomped on the gas to come flying out of the water. I’m not entirely sure what the point of that was. I’m sure they thought it was fun to some extent but I don’t think I’d be going into that water in anything right now. It’s very fast moving and there is a lot of junk floating down the creek.

As for stuff floating down the creek, this evening I caught a glimpse of someone in a kayak coming down the creek towards the Bridge St bridge. Again, not entirely sure what this rocket scientist was thinking as I don’t think there is more than about 2 feet of clearance under the bridge right now. I didn’t get to see what happen to this person although I did see the abandoned kayak pulled up on the grass on the downstream side of the bridge. I’m guessing that the owner got under/around the bridge some how and then decided that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea anymore.

Now, tonight is getting more interesting. I noticed a number of North Grenville trucks coming and going out of the pumping station that is beside the creek. There’s a lot of activity and a couple honey wagons working to pump out, uh, honey. ;) I’m guessing that the pump has developed some issue and is getting fixed. I’m just hoping that I don’t get anything backing up through the drain in my basement. That would really suck.

I’ll keep adding pictures to the Kemptville Creek Flooding gallery as I have the time. I’m personally interested in having a record of the water levels for my future reference. Now when someone tells me the predicted water levels will be greater than 2008, I’ll know it’s time to consider building that ark.