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Canadian Tire Christmas LED Light Promotion!

In case you missed it being advertised, there is a Canadian Tire Christmas LED Light promotion on now. On top of getting up to 50% off of various multi-coloured Noma LED light sets, you can also make use of the $2 off coupon from the Ontario Power Authority. The Every Kilowatt Counts program sent coupons out to all homes in Ontario a number of weeks ago. Don’t worry if you can’t find your coupons for the LED Christmas lights though. Canadian Tire usually has a bunch of them in store. You may have to ask the right person but when I bought my lights today, I just had to ask the cashier about it. Even then, I think she already applied the discount before I even asked for it. :)

For a set of 70 Noma LED Christmas lights, it cost $5.40 after tax and after the rebate was applied. That’s a savings of about $9.40 per set of lights!

Don’t wait too long though! The Canadian Tire Christmas LED Light promotion is only on until November 23, 2007. Also, don’t forget that the Every Kilowatt Counts coupons are only good until November 30, 2007.