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Garnome – librsvg-2.9.5 fails on moz-plugin.c

moz-plugin.c tosses a whole slew of errors when compiling librsvg-2.9.5.

Yeah, this one is super simple to fix. My default mozilla install is 1.4 and it doesn’t have the nspr, nss, and java stuff. Easy to fix since bootstrap has firefox available. I’m already running a custom firefox install but I figured it’s just as easy to build a new install with Garnome to keep everything in one spot.

Update: I guess this isn’t that simple. For some reason even when I clean out everything else, it’s still not picking up my firefox build that I did with Garnome. I had to go in and hand edit the Makefile in the moz-plugin directory to point to the firefox directories instead of the old mozilla 1.4 that is in the default location. That worked but I’ll have to figure out why I had to do it.

Google Maps

I really like Google Maps. I’ve been playing around with it for a couple weeks on and off. I was sort of annoyed at first that they didn’t have data on all Canadian cities but that appears to have been fixed now. Search for Charlottetown PEI gives me a wonderful view of the city.

I also found that it’s possible to put your own map points into a map. Engadget has a fabulous article about how to do it using Firefox and some addins. I’d really like to get something like this working without having to use Firefox though. It would be super handy for creating a map Halifax with all sorts of information for the wedding.

Maybe I’ll be smart and figure out something or maybe I’ll just be lucky and someone else will do it soon. ;)