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Picture of LED Christmas lights that are missing one bulb

LED Christmas Lights Should Be Taken Down Before Spring

I’ve often read that you should take your LED Christmas light down before spring comes but I always assumed it was one of those things to not be “tacky”. Well, here is a good reason to take your LED Christmas lights down before spring.

Yes, one of the local squirrels appears to have decided to take one of the bulbs off of the string of LED lights. This string of lights was on the tree in our front yard and I guess it looked nice and tasty. Too bad the lights weren’t on at the time the squirrel ate through the wires.

Oh, and don’t worry, the lights have been off the tree for a few months now. If they were really still up at the end of June, they may as well stay until the next spring.

The good part about this is I had been contemplating a conversion of one of the sets of lights into a solar LED light set. Now I don’t have to “sacrifice” a set as the squirrel did that for me already.

Picture of a pink Ikea flower shaped light for kids.

DIY Kid Wakeup Clock

Do you have a child that doesn’t quite understand that 5am isn’t an appropriate time to wakeup and come jump on Daddy? I do. Last spring, our 3 year old learned that when the sun came up, Daddy typically was also getting out of bed. That was a highly unfortunate coincidence at the time. As the spring became summer and the sun came up earlier, Daddy was woken up with “Daddy, get up – the sun is up” earlier and earlier. Things actually got worse as the days got shorter as she started waking up before the sun was up (out of habit) but then had no way to differentiate between 7am and 4am.

The quest for a simple clock she would understand started in the fall and was only satisfied about a month ago.

There are a lot of commercial options for children’s sleep clocks or children’s wakeup clocks. The problem with most is that they are really frickin’ expensive. I’m not paying >$50 for a specialty clock that doesn’t even have the actual time on it. The cheapest one I found was still $35 + shipping and was basically a light that turned on at a set time. Well shit, I can do better than that!

On a trip to Ikea, The Boss picked up a simple kids flower light for ~$10.

I then snagged a digital programmable timer for $10 from Canadian Tire.

Image of a programmable timer made by Noma

The brains of the DIY Kids Wakeup Clock

$20 later and we have a light that is programmed to turn on at the same time Daddy’s alarm clock goes off and then turn off again soon after (no need for it to stay on wasting electricity!).

Now when the 3 year old comes and jumps on me at 4am I can at least ask her if the light is on and if it wasn’t she will usually settle back down and go to sleep again. Small improvements are golden!

Oh, and I nearly forgot the best part! My $20 solution supports up to 20 on/off combinations and even supports a different wakeup time on the weekends! That’s worth way more than the $35+shipping option we had found online.

This version DIY Children’s Wakeup Clock cost a bit more than the initial one. I originally took an unused block heater timer to turn a light on and off. While it worked, it didn’t have the option of multiple programs and the light we used wasn’t that exciting from a kid’s point of view.

I think the $20 solution is pretty damn good and the best part is I can re-use both pieces once we get past this silly wakeup time issue.

Our Dodge, no, Mazda Grand Caravan

Apparently our Dodge Mazda Grand Caravan is due for maintenance.

It’s awful nice that they have the highest number of Mazda certified technicians but the last time I checked, we had a Dodge Grand Caravan. I’m guessing that the Dodge dealership was bought out but you think they might have noticed that the van has never been serviced there. Oh well.

Service remind for a Dodge Grand Caravan from a Mazda Dealership

I think someone forgot to proofread their service reminder to make sure that the form text matched the vehicle.

Proofreading FAIL.


Squirrel blamed for massive P.E.I. blackout

Squirrel PowerLate in April there was a power outage that affected almost a third of the people on Prince Edward Island. It turns out that the cause was a squirrel chewing on the wires inside of a substation which lead to a fire.

We had our own problems with squirrels and I’ve seen the damage they can do.

Squirrel blamed for massive P.E.I. blackout

What had me laughing was the following paragraph from the CBC article:

Maritime Electric was able to confirm the squirrel caused the blackout when it recovered the animal’s remains. The condition of the remains was described as “not good.”

I’ll bet the little bugger was “not good”.

Image Credit – cupcakes2