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Pocket Change Diaper – Disappointment

So we decided to buy a few “cheaper” Fuzzi Bunz like diapers called Pocket Change Diapers from Montana’s Diaper Store. They are new on the market and actually come with both a terry AND a hemp insert and only for $17.95US. It’s a great deal so we (aka I) decided to buy 6 of these diapers. When they arrived I wasn’t overly impressed with how they went on our baby, they just didn’t seem to snap on as easily as the Fuzzi Bunz but we slowly warmed up to them and learned the knack of proper diaper placement. Now the inserts also took some warming up to, unlike my Jamtots hemp/cotton inserts, the hemp inserts that came with the Pocket Change diapers took almost 2 months of washing before they would even soak liquid up the back of the insert. This of course resulted in some leaks and a saturated bum for our baby.. yuck!

Anyways, my first disappointment came when the red diaper consistently leaked around the legs. I contacted the owner of the store (in freaking Montana…), and after some problem solving e-mails she asked me to send the diaper back to her and she would gladly replace it with a new one. I was impressed. I didn’t get around to sending it immediately and then I went away on some holidays. When I got back I noticed that one of the other diapers had lost its elastic in the back and contacted her again, she again asked me to send the diaper back (since it had only been 2 months) and she would gladly replace it… awesome. That same day another one lost its elastic. Long story short, I ended up sending back 3 of the 6 diapers I bought from them and it cost me $6.20CAN shipping to return them.

So, the customer service at Montana’s Diaper Store is just fantastic but the Pocket Change Diapers in my opinion are certainly… just ok.

Frequent questions about Cloth Diapers?

Some common questions I get about using my Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Diapers:

  1. How many do I need?
    • Well, we had 17 small diapers and are currently using 20 medium diapers and I wash them every 2 days. I prefer having the 20 diapers as it gives me a bit more time if i want to be lazy. I think the “recommended” amount is 24 but i would think that would be to many unless you are using the microterry’s only then you will certainly need more cause you will change more.
  2. Where do you keep the dirty diapers and do they stink?
    • Diapers go in the diaper pail which is just a smaller garbage can we bought at Walmart for less then 10 bucks. I add some tea tree oil to a small piece of fleece at the bottom and rarely have a problem with smells. Tea tree oil apparently has anti-microbial properties and doesn’t smell too bad.
  3. How do you wash them?
    • I have the recommended Allen’s detergent that is biodegradable and supposed to be the best for the Fuzzi Bunz. You only need a small amount, like 1/4 the recommended amount on the bottle. Anyways, I prewash with warm water to get rid of the remnant solids and then hot wash with the detergent followed by 2 warm rinses. I use 2 rinses just to make sure the detergent is gone as I have found any remaining detergent can cause the diapers to smell differently once soiled (although i am apparently the only one who thinks so in this house). You only need 1/4 of the recommended detergent as you don’t want a million suds but just enough to see a few in the water. Oh, and NO fabric softener…. EVER!! Unless you want your diapers to repel water thus defeating the whole purpose of cloth diapers. I hang my covers to dry and inserts go into the dryer on high (with NO fabric softer again!). You can dry the covers if you are in a pinch but on low heat.
    • For breastfed babies there is no need to wipe off the poop, just chuck it into the washer and it will magically disappear. When you feed soilds you will need to knock it off into the toliet but with fleece there is no need to touch it it will simply fall right off… awesome, eh?
  4. Do you cloth diaper even when you are out of your home?
    • Humm, well YES! It’s just as easy to cloth diaper when you are out of the house then when you are at home. I have a waterproof bag that holds the dirty diapers and they just come home with me. If you are worried about smell, try some tea tree oil on a piece of fleece trick. All you will smell is the tea tree oil.
  5. Would you cloth diaper on a road trip?
    • See question 4. You’re darn right I would. Really it’s probably nicer for the baby to sit in a comfy fleece lined diaper while traveling then plastic and chemicals…. enough said.
  6. Are they really better for the Environment with all the water you have to use to clean them?
    • Three simple little thoughts….. Water is a renewable resource. Landfills are not and take centuries to biodegrade. Poop and pee belong in the sewer not in landfills. Really, it’s the people who feel bad for not using cloth diapers who come up with this silly excuse.
  7. Where do I buy them?
    • We bought ours over the internet as it is probably the most convenient way however there are some local places to buy them as well. There are also work at home moms who sell from there houses. You can check out http://fuzzibunz.com for retailers.
    • I’ve purchased all of ours from http://jamtots.com with no issues and they have awesome hemp insert that they make themselves. If you buy the diapers from them you have the option of getting a discounted hemp insert at the same time so you can probably save about 2 dollars per insert depending on which one you buy. I like the new stuffer with the snaps. Oh, and free shipping when you spend over a certain amount.

Remember, happy diaper rash free baby equals happy Mom and Dad!! Thanks Fuzzi Bunz!!

Are you considering hemp inserts?

Helpful tips for picking a hemp inserts to use with your Fuzzi Bunz:

  1. Pick a hemp/cotton blend as they are soft and fold very easily. A couple from our prenatal class bought some hemp inserts that were not blended with cotton and they are apparently VERY stiff and make it very hard for the baby to move around while wearing one.
  2. Wash your new inserts separately for the first few washes. This is because they will have a lot of lint (fuzz) in them that needs to work itself out and its a pain to pick it off the diapers after the fact.
  3. The maximum absorbency is achieved after having been washed and dried several times (I found about 3 times). After this is done they are awesome.
  4. Always dry them in the dryer if you can or hang dry and fluff in dryer. The dryer makes it them softer and thus easier to put in the diaper and easier for baby to move around in. Line dry and fluff is a more economical and results in a soft insert.

Fuzzi Bunz Rock

Well, it’s been almost a month now of using Fuzzi Bunz on the munchkin and they are working out very well. We’ve noticed that the hemp inserts are definitely better than the micro-terry at soaking up large quantities of liquid. On top of that, the hemp inserts are less bulky. We got our hemp inserts from JamTots at the same time we bought our diapers from them.

We still use a disposable diaper about once a day but it’s for two sort of odd reasons:

  1. We bought a pack of size 1 diapers that we want to use up
  2. The disposables are a little less bulky between the legs and allow the little one to stretch out a bit more.

Once the disposables are gone we probably won’t buy any more unless we’re going somewhere and can’t wash the Fuzzi Bunz. At Christmas we’re heading to the in-laws and it might just be easier to use disposables for the drive down and back.

Anyways, we have 17 small diapers now and that is enough to last 2 days, most of the time. Most sites recommend 24 diapers so you don’t have to do laundry “every day”. As it stands, we’re doing laundry every day because we’re changing little spitty-uppy a fair bit. It doesn’t really matter if we have to do diapers too. ;) Of course, everything depends on the child as some need to be changed more often to keep them calm.

Fuzzi Bunz Cloth Pocket Diapers

We’re using Fuzzi Bunz cloth pocket diapers on our little munchkin. Before seeing Fuzzi Bunz I had the typical response to cloth diapering:

You want to do what? Do you realize how much work that is?

We had friends of ours introduce us to Fuzzi Bunz when they had their daughter. Needless to say, after seeing how simple they were to use, we were sold on the idea. It also helps that it costs a fair bit less to use Fuzzi Bunz and not use disposables. On top of that, we aren’t generating all of that garbage associated with disposable diapers.

Fuzzi Bunz (and most other pocket diapers) are quite simple to use. Yes, there is the whole cleaning step after they have been used but as far as putting them on and taking them off, it’s the same amount of work as a disposable. The Fuzzi Bunz has an outer shell that is made of a water proof material and an inner made of fleece. At one end there is an opening (creating the pocket between the fleece and the water proof shell) where you stuff inserts. Inserts can be made of pretty much anything that absorbs liquid but the best are hemp inserts (in our opinion).

Once the diaper has been used, you simply pull out the insert and toss the whole works in the washing machine. Of course, once your baby is old enough you dump any solids into the toilet first. ;)

We bought most of our Fuzzi Bunz from Jamtots and that was mostly due to the fact they were selling Fuzzi Bunz with the hemp inserts for a while. They also have some of the best prices we’ve come across, including discounts for buying more Fuzzi Bunz at a time.