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Garnome Minimal Install?

Well, now I’m running into problems with parts of Gnome I don’t really need. I’ve no use for text to speech apps or alternative input apps. Too bad they are considered part of the Garnome desktop base install. It would be much nicer if there was a minimal install option. At least then you could get the basic stuff built and come back later to add in the “fun” stuff. Instead I have to let it run, wait for it to fail, look at why it’s failing and decide if I can fix it, want to fix it or even need the functionality offered.

Oh well. I guess the point of Garnome is to build a full Gnome install, or is it… Seems there is some discussion on the mailing lists over what should and shouldn’t be included. Eventually I’ll figure it all out and at least get some minimal install that does what I want.

Garnome – librsvg-2.9.5 fails on moz-plugin.c

moz-plugin.c tosses a whole slew of errors when compiling librsvg-2.9.5.

Yeah, this one is super simple to fix. My default mozilla install is 1.4 and it doesn’t have the nspr, nss, and java stuff. Easy to fix since bootstrap has firefox available. I’m already running a custom firefox install but I figured it’s just as easy to build a new install with Garnome to keep everything in one spot.

Update: I guess this isn’t that simple. For some reason even when I clean out everything else, it’s still not picking up my firefox build that I did with Garnome. I had to go in and hand edit the Makefile in the moz-plugin directory to point to the firefox directories instead of the old mozilla 1.4 that is in the default location. That worked but I’ll have to figure out why I had to do it.

Garnome – libgnome-2.10.0 and missing libaudiofile

This wasn’t really an error, just a missing library (I don’t have it installed on my machine in the default location). It’s sort of odd though since audiofile is included in the platform directory so I would have expected it to be compiled. It seems that maybe the order of dependancies is not correct.

However, to get this to work, I had to compile both audiofile and esound. I then cleared out libgnome and started fresh. Everything worked fine after that.

Garnome – ATK 1.9.1 build failure

This error threw me for a while when I was trying to build using the Garnome setup.

/bin/sh: glib-mkenums: -w: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

It wasn’t until I found a post mentioning that glib-mkenums was a Perl script that I started to clue in. For some reason the glib-mkenums app didn’t have anything in the “bang” line:

#! -w

So I changed that to be:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w

Once that was done, the build worked fine. I’m not totally sure what happened as my previous attempt with the Garnome 2.10.0 setup had been fine.

libxklavier-2.0 – Gnome 2.10 – GCC 2.x

If you’re trying to build Gnome 2.10 from source you might be interested in the following bug, expecially if you are unfortunate like me and stuck with GCC 2.96.

Bug 169567 – libxklavier not c89-compliant.

It took me a couple days to finally track down why libxklavier-2.0 wasn’t compiling for me. I managed to catch the first files’ errors but couldn’t figure out the last ones until I found the bug. Looking back, now I see it’s just a matter of somewhat sloppy coding style (declaring variables after executable code).

I ran into this while using the very cool Garnome tool which allows you to build Gnome in user space. Just what I need for my Linux box at work.