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Apple 512MB iPod Shuffle for $99

Just noticed that BestBuy Canada has the Apple 512MB iPod Shuffle for $99 this week.

Best Buy Canada Web Store: Portable Electronics: MP3 Players: Apple 512MB iPod Shuffle

It’s listed as a “price drop” so I’m not sure if that is a sale price or a permanent drop in price. I’m guessing it’s permanent.

My guess though is this means the 512MB iPod Shuffle might be nearing the end of it’s life. BestBuy often carries items that are near the end of their life cycle. The other possibility is the 512MB shuffle isn’t selling as well anymore and Apple is just trying to move inventory. BestBuy probably got a really good deal on these iPod Shuffles.

So if you haven’t already picked up an iPod Shuffle, maybe now is the time.

Update: Well, apparently a “price drop” isn’t permanent. The price of the Apple 512MB iPod Shuffle has gone back up to the regular $129 now.

Apple – iPod mini

Apple – iPod mini

Shazzbutt. So now which do I want more? The 1Gig iPod shuffle or the new 6Gig iPod mini? I still really like the idea of the shuffle but for some reason I want the mini so I can get a stupid FM transmitter for it and use it in the truck instead of having to use Amie’s all the time.

Gack, I can be such a fool at times. I’ll probably end up with neither knowing my stupid brain!

YukonMac – New Apple iPod Shuffle: Now With Display

YukonMac: Macintosh News, Reviews and Shopping

Why, oh why do people keep wanting a screen on the shuffle? Shuffle. That’s the point. If you want a small capacity MP3 player with a screen and lots of other functionality then go buy one of the many MP3 players out there.

It’s much like the CD changer in my truck, if I put it on shuffle I have no idea what’s coming up next. I know what CDs are in it though so I can control if I want to hear certain groups or songs. If a song I don’t want to hear comes on I just skip to the next random song.

I’m getting a shuffle as soon as the hipe eases off. It would be fabulous for bringing to work since I don’t want to cart around gigs worth of music on my 3G iPod. That’s better for long trips in the truck.