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State Funeral for Last Veteran of the First World War

Today the House of Commons unanimously passed a motion to hold a full state funeral for the last veteran of the First World War. The Dominion Institute started an online petition on November 6 requesting this to pay tribute to the over 60,000 Canadians who died in the First World War.

Canada’s Last Great War Veteran

The Dominion Institute is calling on Primer Minister Stephen Harper to offer the family of the last Great War veteran resident in Canada a full State Funeral. There are currently only three veterans of the Great War left alive, Lloyd Clemett (106 years of age), John Babcock (106 years of age) and Percy Wilson (105 years of age).

Please go to the Dominion Institute’s petition website and add your name. While you’re there, check out what the Dominion Institute is all about and learn more about our Canadian history.

Updated: Since I posted this on Tuesday, more than 35000 more people have added their names to the petition. Now there are over 43000 names.