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Goodbye Zip! Hello Zip!

Yesterday I cancelled our Zip.ca account. Why? Because Zip.ca now has competition in town – itself!

We’ve been with Zip.ca for well over a year now on the 1 DVD unlimited plan and it worked out quite nicely. We’d (typically) get a new DVD from our ZipList to watch every weekend. All for the low price of ~$13/month. That’s much better than the ~$6 the local rental place charged for a night. Things went smashingly for a year and then Zip.ca changed their plans…

Due to rising costs (understandable), they increased the monthly charge for the 1 DVD plan so now it was just over $14/month. That’s a reasonable amount considering we were getting 4-5 DVDs a month. Again, much less than the ~$6 the local rental place was charging. BUT, the biggest change that screws up the whole thing for us is that they no longer allow DVDs to “cross in the mail” on the 1 DVD plan. Bummer.

When DVDs can “cross in the mail”, you’d mark the DVD as returned the day you toss it in the mailbox. Usually at the end of that same day (sometimes the next day), Zip.ca would send you a new DVD. This way if I tossed a DVD in the mailbox on Monday morning, a new one would be sent out Monday or Tuesday. That means we’d actually get it on Thursday or Friday (for some reason, mail takes a long time to get into our PO Box at the Post Office in our town, but that’s a rant for another time).

The Zip.ca red envelopes that DVDs are mailed out in

The Zip.ca red mailer envelopes that are used to send DVDs to customers.

Without the ability for DVDs to “cross in the mail”, Zip now won’t send a new DVD until they receive our old one. That means if I drop it in the mail on Monday, they get it Tuesday or Wednesday, send us a new one Wednesday or Thursday and we might get it the next Monday, most likely Tuesday. Well, that just doesn’t work very well for us as we typically want the DVD for the weekend. Bam, now we’re basically down to only getting a DVD every two weeks. That ~$14/month is no longer a good deal if that’s how we use the Zip.ca account.

Well, we had a slight problem (was actually a mistake on my part – Ooops!) in December and I contacted Zip.ca. They were kind enough to help me see what I had done wrong but they also pointed out something we didn’t know – there was now a Zip rental kiosk in one of the local grocery stores. I’m sure you’re saying “so what?” right about now so I’m, going to tell you.

The Zip Kiosk rents DVDs for $1/day, or Blu Ray and new release DVDs for $2/day. DAMN! Not only is that a better deal than the local rental place, it’s a better deal than Zip.ca itself!

On our Zip.ca plan, we can only get DVDs and new release DVDs are nearly impossible to get. With the Zip Kiosk, we can drop in Friday or Saturday and grab a DVD <angelic choir>or even a Blu Ray!</angelic choir> for $2! Then we just take it back the next day. Some would consider this inconvenient but given that we don’t have home mail delivery, we always had to go out to get our Zip DVD anyways and after you watched it, you have to find a mailbox ASAP to toss it in so you could get the next DVD sent out.

Yeah, so Goodbye Zip! Hello Zip!

Yes, we might not be able to get the exact movie we want but that’s no different than Zip.ca right now. If there’s nothing we want to watch, we save ourselves $2. And this way we always get something that The Boss (or the Princesses)  is in the “mood” to watch.

At the moment you can also go to the Zip website and request a free rental code via email. Yeah, it’s only worth up to $2 but it’s a free rental!

Click to go to the Zip Kiosk locator tool

Blundstone Boots

I finally got around to getting a new pair of shoes last week – a pair of Blundstone boots. My old crappy shoes with the cracked sole and holes gave me wet feet one last time and that was then end of my misery. ;)

I wasn’t initially sure if I really wanted the Blundstone boots for two reasons:

  1. They are boots.
  2. They aren’t cheap.

The first problem was quickly addressed when I pulled a pair on. I used to wear boots all the time back when I was a slightly rebelling teenager. I had a couple pairs of Doc Martens that lasted me many years. It’s sort of strange how much more comfortable boots can be. I like them because I don’t have any rubbing in my heel/ankle from the top of a shoe.

Blundstone 510 boots "The Original in black"

Anyways, back to the Blundstones – they aren’t cheap. My last pair of shoes cost me at least $50 and the Blundstones were almost 4 times that. Now, what I’m banking on is that the Blundstone boots will last at least 4 times longer than the shoes did. The shoes only really lasted a year but I squeezed 6 months more out of them (such a bad idea!).

Buying the Blundstone boots was an interesting adventure. First, I wanted to buy them locally in Kemptville but the one shop that has them doesn’t have very good hours. Tough luck for them.

I ended up searching on the Blundstone website for Ottawa and found a store at Bayshore than had them. After trying some on and getting what I thought was the right size, I bought them and drove home. At home I wore them around the house for the evening and it became painfully obvious that they were too small.  What had happened is that particular store did something funny with their inventory. The Blundstone boots are in UK sizes which are about 1 size smaller than US sizes. No problem normally. What was a problem is the store had the UK size 10 listed as a size 10 but the UK size 8.5 they listed as a size 9.5.  They didn’t actually have any UK 9.5 or UK 9 at all, even in the computer. Anyhoo, I had to return the UK 8.5 boots I bought.  Just too small.

Going back to the Blundstone website, I discovered that they still have Ottawa broken down into Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean and Orleans – with different stores listed for each search option! Turns out there was a second store in Bayshore that also carried  Blundstone. Back I went a second time and success! I got my UK 9.5 Blundstone boots. Interestingly enough, they were actually cheaper at that store. ;)

Kemptville Creek Flooding Update

The Kemptville Creek is still at the highest level I have seen in the few years we’ve been here in North Grenville. Today we had some rain which isn’t great but it doesn’t seem to have caused any major change to the water level around Curry Park. Yes, there was an increase but not on a massive scale.

I’ve seen some interesting things over the past 36 hours though. Yesterday some idiot decided that it would be a good idea to drive his truck down the flooded lane way to the Curry park boat launch. He backed down until his floorboards were in the water, sat there for a good 5 minutes and then stomped on the gas to come flying out of the water. I’m not entirely sure what the point of that was. I’m sure they thought it was fun to some extent but I don’t think I’d be going into that water in anything right now. It’s very fast moving and there is a lot of junk floating down the creek.

As for stuff floating down the creek, this evening I caught a glimpse of someone in a kayak coming down the creek towards the Bridge St bridge. Again, not entirely sure what this rocket scientist was thinking as I don’t think there is more than about 2 feet of clearance under the bridge right now. I didn’t get to see what happen to this person although I did see the abandoned kayak pulled up on the grass on the downstream side of the bridge. I’m guessing that the owner got under/around the bridge some how and then decided that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea anymore.

Now, tonight is getting more interesting. I noticed a number of North Grenville trucks coming and going out of the pumping station that is beside the creek. There’s a lot of activity and a couple honey wagons working to pump out, uh, honey. ;) I’m guessing that the pump has developed some issue and is getting fixed. I’m just hoping that I don’t get anything backing up through the drain in my basement. That would really suck.

I’ll keep adding pictures to the Kemptville Creek Flooding gallery as I have the time. I’m personally interested in having a record of the water levels for my future reference. Now when someone tells me the predicted water levels will be greater than 2008, I’ll know it’s time to consider building that ark.

Kemptville Creek Flooding

Kemptville Creek is now flooding. A flood warning was issued on Monday by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. As of today, the creek is at the highest level I’ve ever seen. Of course, I’ve only been in Kemptville for a few years now so that wouldn’t be too difficult. ;)

Things look OK so far from our point of view. No need to start getting the sandbags ready or breaking out the ark. I did take a few pictures though over the last couple days.

I’ll try to keep adding pictures as the waters continue to rise. I’m not entirely sure what the forecast crest will be for little old Kemptville Creek. It seems that the people at RVCA are more interested in the Rideau and the Ottawa rivers, or maybe they just don’t expect any major flooding for Kemptville.

Water, water, every where, nor any drop to drink

As of today, Kemptville, Ontario can probably be described by a quote from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner:

Water, water, every where,
Nor any drop to drink

We just got notice this evening of two water related issues that are (or may be) affecting our little town:

The first is a boil water advisory (PDF link) for the town of Kemptville. I guess they had a test come back with an E. Coli count higher than the provincial limit on one of the wells that feeds the town. Therefore, we get to boil our water for the weekend and until further notice. Fantastic.

The second is for a high water warning (PDF link) for Kemptville Creek in the town of Kemptville. Wonderful. All of this warm weather they are predicting for us now is going to melt the huge amounts of snow we have and that means one thing – potential flooding.

Living in a small town has some great advantages when stuff like this happens. We’ve had three people come by to check and see if we heard about the boil advisory. That’s in addition to the person who had to drop off the official notice at our house (hand delivered and taped to the door for anyone who isn’t home at the time).

Of course, now is when we wonder about our house which is a stone’s throw away from the Kemptville Creek. We’re not actually water front but there’s not much between us and the water and we are supposedly above the 100 year flood plain level. Here’s hoping that this is still the case! We’ve been told lots of stories by our neighbours about previous years and how high the water has been. From what we’ve been told, we should be “safe”. I guess it helps that we are downstream of one of the bridges in town so if it jams, the water should stay upstream of us. That’s all fine and dandy until the water gets high enough to come over the road.

I wonder if the house has a wedge shaped bottom… maybe we’ll just float away with all the animals like Noah did…

Updated: Well, the good news is the boil water advisory has now been lifted. Now we just get to see how much water we’re going to get in the Kemptville Creek with the big thaw that is happening.