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Burned out Noma LED Christmas lights

Burned out Noma LED Christmas lights are something I read a lot about. On almost all of my Noma posts, I have at least one person talking about how they have a set of LED lights with burned out bulbs.

So, what do you do with a set LED Christmas lights that have burned out lights?

Well, I hope you kept your receipts because Canadian Tire (who sells the Noma brand) will replace your burned out Noma LED Christmas lights lights with a new set. This is because the Noma LED Christmas lights carry a 5 year warranty that covers burned out LED light sets. You must have your receipt though.

If you didn’t keep your receipt then you may need to get creative with your LED Christmas lights. Well, assuming that the entire set isn’t burned out that is. Depending on how you use your lights, you may not even have to do anything to mask your burned out lights.

If you put the lights on a tree or bush, you will hardly notice a few burned out lights. Remember that at night and from a distance, the whole tree or bush will just be a mass of lights. Take a look at my example of Noma LED Christmas lights outside from last year. The picture is very zoomed but you can still get the idea of how difficult it would be to find a few burned out LED lights.

Multi-colour Noma LED lights outside

Multi-colour Noma LED lights outside

If you put the lights along your gutter or around windows then it gets a little more tricky. If you really want to have evenly spaced out lights then one option is to double up a good light with a burned out light. Assuming of course that you only have a few lights per string that aren’t burned out. Yes, this will shorten the distance you can cover with the set of lights but it will provide the even spacing desired.

Another option for gutters or around windows is to simply add more LED Christmas lights! One of my favorite displays of LED Christmas lights was the Physicians house at the Upper Canada Village – Alight at Night display last year.

The Physician's House at Upper Canada Village

The Physician's House at Upper Canada Village

This is a very good example of how adding more LED Christmas lights can hide the fact that some of your LED lights may be burned out.

Finally, if you’re really ambitious (and know what you’re doing) you could cut the dead LED Christmas lights out of the string of lights. This would require knowledge of electrical stuff so you can reconnect everything correctly. I can’t really recommend anyone do this though as if you don’t know what you’re doing you could create a very dangerous fire hazard.