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Steaming to the rescue

Steaming to the rescue

Well, my father-in-law is on his way to the Gulf of Mexico now. Sounds like he’s in for a bit of a rough ride as Tropical Storm Ophelia is going to be directly in their path.

I guess he got in a little trouble though when the ships were leaving Halifax. Apparently it’s proper naval etiquette for all sailors to stand at attention on deck. Being an army guy, he and the rest of his fellow army guys were all waving at the people there to see them off. Ooops. Guess the sailors should have at least given them a run down on what you’re supposed to do on a ship. ;)

The HMCS Toronto sailed out under an Acadian flag though. My father-in-law took his along, planning on holding it while standing on deck. Apparently they took all the flags that people brought and raised them on the mast. Cool. He’s been joking about the last time a bunch of his Acadian relatives were put on a boat and sent to Lousiana. ;)

Hurricane Katrina Comes Closer to Home

CBC News: Canadian warships to sail to Louisiana

Hurricane Katrina is getting closer to home. We just found out this evening that my father in law is being deployed to Louisiana. He’s a military engineer and will be leading a group of engineers likely in rebuilding efforts.

He’s looking forward to it but I don’t think he’s going to enjoy the way he’s travelling. Apparently he’s being transported on the HCMS Toronto – not something he’s looking forward to. He joined the army and not the navy for some good reasons. ;)

I’ll see if I can keep track of what he’s up to over the next month or so. Both he and my mother in law were planning to come visit us in a couple weeks. Guess that’s on hold now. ;) It’s for a good reason though.