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Kemptville Creek Flooding Update

The Kemptville Creek is still at the highest level I have seen in the few years we’ve been here in North Grenville. Today we had some rain which isn’t great but it doesn’t seem to have caused any major change to the water level around Curry Park. Yes, there was an increase but not on a massive scale.

I’ve seen some interesting things over the past 36 hours though. Yesterday some idiot decided that it would be a good idea to drive his truck down the flooded lane way to the Curry park boat launch. He backed down until his floorboards were in the water, sat there for a good 5 minutes and then stomped on the gas to come flying out of the water. I’m not entirely sure what the point of that was. I’m sure they thought it was fun to some extent but I don’t think I’d be going into that water in anything right now. It’s very fast moving and there is a lot of junk floating down the creek.

As for stuff floating down the creek, this evening I caught a glimpse of someone in a kayak coming down the creek towards the Bridge St bridge. Again, not entirely sure what this rocket scientist was thinking as I don’t think there is more than about 2 feet of clearance under the bridge right now. I didn’t get to see what happen to this person although I did see the abandoned kayak pulled up on the grass on the downstream side of the bridge. I’m guessing that the owner got under/around the bridge some how and then decided that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea anymore.

Now, tonight is getting more interesting. I noticed a number of North Grenville trucks coming and going out of the pumping station that is beside the creek. There’s a lot of activity and a couple honey wagons working to pump out, uh, honey. ;) I’m guessing that the pump has developed some issue and is getting fixed. I’m just hoping that I don’t get anything backing up through the drain in my basement. That would really suck.

I’ll keep adding pictures to the Kemptville Creek Flooding gallery as I have the time. I’m personally interested in having a record of the water levels for my future reference. Now when someone tells me the predicted water levels will be greater than 2008, I’ll know it’s time to consider building that ark.

Kemptville Mail Delivery

It took a while but I’ve finally been able to track down how I’m going to get mail in Kemptville.

Why did it take a while? Well, when I tried using the Canada Post website to find my postal code, it couldn’t find my street address. I tried a couple variations with no luck. I instead tried to find the phone number of the Kemptville Post Office because I figured they would know. Back on the website again, I find the Kemptville Post Office and a phone number. Oh, it’s a toll free number – that’s not going to make my life easier I’ll bet. Sure enough, it’s the main Canada Post number. After wading through voice prompts, I end up in a queue to talk to someone. After waiting 15 minutes, the annoying little repeating message just stops. No way I’m hanging up until I get booted back to a dial tone. Finally, after nearly 25 minutes I get a person who does the same lookup on the website I tried. No luck (of course). Her suggestion is to tell me to call the Kemptville Post Office (which I’ve been trying to do) and almost hangs up without giving me the actual phone number.

OK, have the phone number! Spend the next 4 hours trying to get through. It’s busy every time I call until I finally get through. So finally I’m able to discover that I need to get a Post Office Box at the actual post office and not in a super box. That sort of sucks snce the post office is on the other side of town.

Anyhoo P.O. Box it is!

And I also asked why the address doesn’t show up online. The answer was that if you require a P.O. Box it won’t show up. Odd, I know other people with P.O. Boxes that show up fine online. Oh well.

Kemptville Ontario

Well, we bought a house in Kemptville. We take posession exactly one month from today! Now I’m in the process of collecting as much information as I can on the town. Important things like where the fire station is (suprisingly this isn’t on the North Grenville website), who provides high speed internet and cable TV!

Eventually I hope to put together a “cheat sheet” for anyone else who might be moving to Kemptville. Some of this stuff might just be useful!

Kemptville – Municipality of North Grenville

Well, we’re going to be looking for a house in Kemptville (Municipality of North Grenville). We went down there on the weekend to check out the area and it looks pretty good. There are a lot of houses for sale in the area so that helps too. ;)

The drive wasn’t too bad but I don’t think I’ll be able to drive the truck all the time. I’d be putting about 100km/day on it and that’s nuts considering how bad the gas mileage can be. Hehehe. Looks like an older diesel commuter car is in my future! Yippee!