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Ottawa Highway 417 Carling Ave Rapid Replacement (Time Lapse)

On the weekend of July 13-14, 2013, the Carling Ave 417 overpasses were replaced using the proven rapid replacement method. As with the Kirkwood Ave replacement that happened last weekend, MTO provided a webcam so you could watch the progress overnight. Well, since I like to sleep at night, I just grabbed the images from the webcam every 30 seconds and stitched together the following video.

As you can see, the angle of the camera vs the work lights at night results in a very dark view once the sun goes down.  Thankfully I also managed to snag the webcam images from the MTO’s Compass Traffic camera that is near Carling. The following video is much more clear but the refresh rate is only in the 2-4 minute range so it’s a little more choppy.


Ottawa Hwy 417 Kirkwood Rapid Replacement (Time Lapse)

On the July 6 – 7, 2013 weekend, the Highway 417 Kirkwood overpasses were replaced using the proven Rapid Replacement method. I stitched together the following time-lapse video from the webcam feed provided by the MTO.

We’ve had many of the bridges on the 417 replaced using this method and now it’s a little less “exciting” to see such a huge structure moved around so easily. Ah, the wonders of Engineering – making really amazing stuff “normal”. :)

Oh, and I’ve put this video on Youtube. My first one ever. Ooooo. I’m going to dig up my old Rapid Replacement videos too and put them on Youtube also given the problems I’ve been having with hosting recently. The Clyde Avenue Bridge Rapid Replacement was completed in 2007 and the Island Park Bridge Rapid Replacement was completed in 2008.

Queensway (417) Carling Ave Bridge Rapid Replacement

The Queensway (Highway 417) through Ottawa will be closed for about 18 hours from July 30-31, 2011 to allow for the rapid replacement of the Carling Ave bridge. This has already been done twice before on the Queensway with great success.

When the Island Park bridge was replaced in 2007, I managed to capture images from a webcam that had been setup and produced a time lapse video of the Island Park bridge rapid replacement. I also managed to create a time lapse video of the Clyde Ave bridge rapid replacement in 2008.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to track down a dedicated webcam for the Carling Ave bridge rapid replacement that is happening this weekend. I guess this method of bridge replacement isn’t “new and exciting” anymore. :)  I was going to try and see if I could capture frames from the two nearby MTO webcams but this has proven tricky so far. I’ll update if I do manage to get something workable.

Anyhoo, if you’re interested in checking out the action between 6PM EDT on July 30, 2011 until noon-ish on July 31, 2011, you may have some luck with the MTO COMPASS traffic cameras.

Update: Well, I was away this weekend and didn’t manage to capture the feed from the MTO webcams but it looks like someone did:

Beer prices across Canada

BeerI stumbled across a link on the CBC website where a reporter from Calgary had called a number of liquor stores across Canada to find out the price of a dozen Labatt Blue. The Beer Facts  indicates that the price in Ottawa is among the lowest (Yippee!). It’s sort of surprising to see that Ottawa came in with the third lowest price for a dozen Labatt Blue. Around here many people will make the short drive across the river to La Belle Provence to pick up a couple cases from the local dépanneur. I hear the King of Beer (Le Roi des Bières) in Aylmer is the place to go. ;)

If I remember correctly, Blue is considered a “local” brand across Canada so it doesn’t get nailed with the “premium” beer costs. Beers like Keith’s (my personal favorite) cost more here in Ottawa as it’s classified as an import since it’s trucked in from Nova Scotia.

Now, it strikes me as odd that the reporter would call a bunch of stores in different provinces yet leave out 2 provinces and 2 territories. Why not make those extra 4 phone calls and have a sample of pricing from each province and territory?

Updated: The original “The Beer Facts” article is no longer available but I was able to track down the prices it referenced:

Vancouver:   $24.70
Calgary:     $24.99
Regina:      $24.50
Winnipeg:    $19.25
Ottawa:      $20.50
Montreal:    $19.49
Halifax:     $20.99
St. John's:  $22.25
Yellowknife: $26.90

Image credit – DeusXFlorida