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Corn Snake Gallery

Here are a bunch of pictures of our Corn Snake (Pantherophis guttatus guttatus) that we have had since early 2002.

We adopted the corn snake (we call him* Little Head – yeah, I know, we’re not that creative) from a local reptile zoo / reptile rescue called Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo through a friend of ours who used to work at Little Ray’s. Our corn snake was part of a clutch that hatched in the zoo from a rescued female that turned out to be gravid (had eggs).

Now almost 6 feet long, it’s hard to remember when the snake would cling around your wrist like a little bracelet.

So, enjoy!

* Yeah so we never had the snake sexed so we don’t know if it’s a male or female. We used to think it was a female because of the way the tail tapered but it’s never produced eggs. Now we just refer to it as him or her interchangeably. Usually it’s just “the snake”.

Gallery2 Online Photo Gallery

I’ve switched over to the Gallery2 online photo gallery software now. I’ve been annoyed by the old Coppermine based gallery I’ve had and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t really been putting a lot of pictures online anymore. I’ve had the Gallery2 online photo gallery installed for quite a while now and over the last months I’ve migrated most of the pictures from the old Coppermine gallery into it. I had planned to use the WPG2 integration plugin but I just haven’t had the time to get it setup. I’ll do that sometime later and then I can add stuff like random images on the blog.

Yeah, loads of fun.

So after all that, you can now go to the new ivany.org photo gallery and check out some pictures.