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Squirrel blamed for massive P.E.I. blackout

Squirrel PowerLate in April there was a power outage that affected almost a third of the people on Prince Edward Island. It turns out that the cause was a squirrel chewing on the wires inside of a substation which lead to a fire.

We had our own problems with squirrels and I’ve seen the damage they can do.

Squirrel blamed for massive P.E.I. blackout

What had me laughing was the following paragraph from the CBC article:

Maritime Electric was able to confirm the squirrel caused the blackout when it recovered the animal’s remains. The condition of the remains was described as “not good.”

I’ll bet the little bugger was “not good”.

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Wind takes $10,000, but passing strangers return it

Canadian Money
Small towns are great. Where else would you be able to drop $10,000 on the ground, have the wind blow it around and get all of it back? I’d like to think this is just the wonderful people of Charlottetown that would do this but I know that there are probably many other small towns where you would have the same result.

Wind takes $10,000, but passing strangers return it

“There were women in dresses and everything. They were down underneath vehicles picking up the money. Young people were picking up the money and they were just saying, ‘Whose money is this?’ and bringing it to me and handing it to me. So it was just amazing that they were able to do that. I’m very happy and very grateful.” – Ian Walker

Now, it would have been even more comical if he ended up having more money in the end than when he started!

And for the strange, 6 degrees of separation part of the story, I think I actually know the Ian Walker who lost the money in the first place! Weird.

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Buckley’s Mixture – It tastes awful, and it works!

I’m currently home sick. I think this is the first time I’ve ever taken a sick day from work. Strangely enough, I don’t tend to get this sick when I’m working. Really good colds are usually saved for when I’m traveling or otherwise on vacation. For some reason my immune system usually just works that way. It’s like it knows when I want to relax for a couple days so it figures, “Aw heck, he’s not working, he can handle getting really sick.” Just like when I got bronchitis a couple years ago while home in Prince Edward Island at Christmas.

Anyhoo, I’m home, drugged up and freaking cold. My hands won’t warm up and I’ve got more layers of clothing on now than I would typically wear on a -34ÂșC day (with the windchill) like today is. I’ve been trying to do some work (too many deadlines to miss a day) but my brain just isn’t doing very good at assembling coherent thoughts right now. Must be the Buckley’s Mixture! I love to hate that stuff (or is it hate to love?). Why would anyone really want to consume something that tastes like a pine tree. If I really wanted to suck on a pine tree I’d go out back and take a piece of the one that Roxie has been chewing down. Blech! Well, at least the one good thing about Buckley’s Mixture is that it really does work. Well, at least for an hour or so at a time.

My other favorite cold drug is Advil Cold and Sinus (or Coldvil as I’ve been known to mutter at the end of a string of expletives when I can’t find the stuff).
Well, the clock on the wall is telling me it’s time for my next dose of liquid pine tree. Yippee!

$4 theft brings 15 days in jail

I was checking out the CBC news from Prince Edward Island this morning and found this rather humourous article about a man who was going to spend 15 days in jail for stealing $4 from a charity donation box.

Apparently the guy stole the Children’s Wish Foundation donation box from a gas station but got caught on tape doing so. I guess he was hoping for a huge payoff but instead, he only got $4. I like how Judge Nancy Orr told the guy he was making a $25 donation (the money in his pocket at the time) to the Children’s Wish Foundation.

So for a $4 gain, he’s now out $25 plus he also gets to spend 15 days in jail. Oh well, it’s good to make an example of people from time to time.

Groceries for downtown Charlottetown

Groceries for downtown Charlottetown.

Sounds like there is a new grocery store opening in Charlottetown PEI. It will be nice for the people who live in the downtown area as they will be able to walk to get groceries now. Yeah, so the topic in general is sort of boring but there’s one quote in the article that made me laugh:

“Next to the liquor store, what more could one ask? It’s one-stop shopping.”

Fabulous! The only thing that would be better is a porn shop on the other side of the grocery store, then it would really be one stop shopping.