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2004 Chevrolet Colorado

Well, looks like Chevy is at it again. The S-10 is going to be replaced with a new bigger truck to be called the Colorado. I think I may have to look into one of these when they start to show up.

According to, they should be hitting the dealers around October 2003. If the trucks are truely larger than the current S-10 and comparable to the Dodge Dakota, it could make a decent truck.

Still not much information available but the US Chevrolet web site has a little Flash information thing currently available from the front page.

I wonder if there will be a GMC version of this truck also available for 2004.

29 thoughts on “2004 Chevrolet Colorado”

  1. It would an instant sale!SS badges,345 horse V8.Air lockers like Jeep Rubicon.Luxury interior.Top of the line audio.Maybe even a 4X4 version.

  2. there are going to be 4×4 models, that’s a given.
    hey, brett: you said it “looks like shit” twice.
    BRett sucks Go fuck yourself, brett you suck. GO FUCK YOURSELF, BRETT

  3. also, S-10’s are cramped and uncomfortable for anyone beside a midget. I know it hurts to see the S-10 go away under these terms, but I’m glad to see Chevrolet come out with something a little bit bigger. I read in Motor Trend that the Vortec engines are made in MOTHER FUCKING CHINA!!!! now THAT..THAT pisses me off.

  4. im a chevy s 10 owner and i dissapointed in chevys new looks they have come out the silverado and now the s 10 chevy gone realy ugly on there trucks. i dont think i will ever buy a newer chevy ever agen. the new chevy calorado is the most ugly truck i have ever seen in my life

  5. The new Colorado is a fine looking truck. What`s so bad about? Maybe tb needs to take a higher dose of medz? Jambo you don`t even know where China is! Camaro`s were made in Canada and we got Ram trucks and Jetta`s made in Mexico. Saturn Vues with Honda engines, Fords are Mazda`s (or it`s the other way around). U.S. gave China “most favored nation” status…….ok so I`m going over the heads of most of the knuckle draggers in this forum……….what`s the big deal with engines from China when large auto companies ship jobs overseas and have been doing so for 20 years? If they were made in Germany would you all feel better about it and your white hoods and burning lawn ornaments??

  6. Wait till these guys find out that the seats are made in France!
    The truck, to me anyway, looks like a small Silverado and if it`s true that it`s gonna top out at $25,000 for the Crew Cab LS………then it`ll sell……….bigtime.

  7. American who still has pride for his country

    RE:what`s the big deal with engines from China

    Guess you never seen any steel that turned out from china huh? Let me sum it up for you. You can see scrap bolts and other products in it that haven fully melted into the bar stock. If it never fully melted then obviously there’s still impurities in it.
    Not only that but they really turn out some major crap over there. They cant hold tolerances worth a shit over there. There work model must be if its not right the first time maybe on the 100th try you’ll get what you want. They dont care. They work for so damn little they’ll just keep making the stuff instead of doing it right in the first place.
    Heres a taste of what I mean.
    Many people who have built engines to do a little racing at tracks have had after market conecting rods from china fail because they shatter. Most likely from poor steel quality or they werent heat treated right.

    Now lets see… what was your question again?

  8. I have been an S-10 fan since i got my license. I own all four body styles that they made but the new colorado they have will never take the place of the S-10 but it will be drove next to it. I cant wait to test drive one. I will love the S-10 for life but i might have to pick up a colorado to keep my collection going,

  9. This Swizzle guy mentioned a number of things the “AMERICAN AUTOMAKER” has done to put a steady stream of jobs overseas. Nothing mentioned about that. Are we now going to see a high rate of failure in automobile engines sold here in the new Colorado? Who was the manufacturer of the connecting rods? What was the failure rate?

  10. I think the new Colorado and Canyon look fantastic. The new i4 (175hp) and i5 (220hp)
    engines are a perfect choice for these trucks,
    they both boast power and excellent fuel economy,
    but I am not to happy of the engine choices, I
    mean their are only two to choose from, I hope
    in the 2005 model year GM will put in at least another engine option, perhaps a hybrid 5.3L, 5.3L or the i6 engine from the trailblazer.
    About the only thing I’m really pissed off about
    is the towing capacity. A mear 4000lbs. I think the towing aspect of the colorado/canyon will definitly hurt sales. The freeqin’ s-10 and competitors, such as dakota and ranger… have around 6000lbs of towing capacity, god that makes
    me mad. GM said that they concentrated on ride, handling and safety rather than towing and payload capacity, oh well, if your entering a towing capacity of over 4000lbs a silverado would be a great choice. THX

  11. Last weeks Bussiness Review listed the top 10 steel producing countries of 2001 and China was second.
    The U.S.A. didn`t make the cut.

  12. “Last weeks Bussiness Review listed the top 10 steel producing countries of 2001 and China was second. The U.S.A. didn`t make the cut.”

    Top producing does not equal QUALITY! Of course you can produce a lot of steel if your buyers can get it for pennies and dont care about quality. What where you trying to prove? If you want quality dont be looking to asia.
    However if you want to be gready and put all the profits in your pockets like the GM CEO’s do. Goto asia but dont reduce the cost of the cars, just put all the profits in your pockets. Lets continue this downward spiral until no one has a job and nothings selling because NO ONE HAS A JOB! Makes me wonder how long you think you’re job will last if you even have one. Do you think anyones going to pay you for something that can be done in china for a buck an hour? Wouldnt that piss you off? Oh but maybe your one of those CEO’s that get a million dollar bonus everytime he ships a job over seas. So what would you care.

  13. Dear Poor Words,
    When GM went to Canada to build the Camaro…where were you?
    When Dodge went to Mexico to build Ram trucks, where were you?
    When Ford sunk a ton of money into Mazda (Asian company upper case) and now they`re closing plants here, where were you?
    Computer chips made in India……..televisions/stereo`s/VCR`s/DVD`S AND YES EVEN JOHN DEERE TRACTORS that are made in Asia, where were you?
    What would others care if they knew American jobs have been sent overseas for 20 freakin` years?! The government hasn`t given a rats ass for people in this country for awhile now so Chinese steel isn`t such a big deal.
    Get your medication increased!

    P.S. I believe Germany was number one. Do they produce inferior steel?

  14. Hey guys,
    Just ran across your conversation and would like to assure you that the L-5 and L-6 Engines that are in the Calorado and Canyon trucks are made in the USA. I am a Millwright for General Motors and we are in full production manufacturing these blocks and heads right now in Defiance Ohio, and they also pour these blocks in Saginaw, MI. Check these trucks out closely and I know that you’ll like them.

  15. After 2002 chevrolet trucks got ugly, except the s-10, the new colorado really sucks, I looked at one and they are tinny like a jap truck. they need better engine offerings and better style, they should have some balls and put a v8 in it!
    I will keep my 2001 silverado forever! Or until the styling gets better! maybe gmc will become the number 2 selling truck, they look much better than chevy!

  16. I recently bought the Colorado LS ZQ8 3.5 I-5, and it drives like a dream, i got an aftermarket gibson muffler, cold air intake and a diablo chip and smoked my friends 1997 eclipse gst from 0-65 it is truly one of the most comfortable and fastest trucks ive ever driven. i am very pleased with this truck.

  17. just purchased a new Z85 4cyl. don’t care where it’s made, still a decent truck for cheap.don’t care if con rod breaks got, warranty.will beat hell out of loaner till they fix. trade when warranty is gone. buy new unit, repeat.
    little truck is faster than most of the bean canned jap cars.
    i service very late model high end german and english cars and they are made of bits that come from all over to.

  18. Equinox v6 engines are made in China. Saturn Vue V6 engines are made by Honda. The Aveo is made in Korea. Can somebody explain where this “American Revelution” is coming from? Hey “Bob” at the “Millwright”. You`re an idiot.

  19. i bought a chevy calorado and i love it it is the four door sports package and it is great!! and i have a s-10 but it does not mach up with the new chevy calorado

  20. I have a 2004. Its a junker, white gunk in motor from condensation buildup! This motor 4 cyl 2.8 ltr and the 5 cyl is NOTHING BUT JUNK PROBLEMS MONEY MONEY MONEY..

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