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Ivany is the personal website of Amie & Jeff Ivany. Eventually you may find more than just Jeff’s rants on this blog.  Maybe once Jeff has more time he’ll get around to adding information on the Ivany family genealogy. Until then, you’ll have to settle for random thoughts.

Contact us if you need any information on the website.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Jeff, I came across your site while trying to figure our what to do regarding my furnace set up. i live in Ottawa,and have just put in radiant heat in my basement apt. unit. Aslo have installed rennai tankless to run it. and my domestic hot water.
    My problem is the main floor and second floor are run by high efficientcy n. gas unit which is 20 years old, and motor is making noices (bearings). I could replace the furnace with new gas one, but rennai has a hydronic system which apparently works in concert with my new tankless unit. I was wondering if you think a forced air hydronic would actually keep the house warm, even say on a day like today, temp. being -18 right now.
    Any help or advice would be great.

    1. Hi Peter,

      My house is heated with a forced air hydronic setup. I don’t have a tankless unit but I do have a Polaris high efficiency natural gas water heater that provides both domestic hot water and the heating loop. I’ve seen the Rennai air handler system advertised and it seems to be decent enough. The thing you need to take into account is your current heating load. That is, what is the BTU of your current furnace. You need to ensure a hydronic system provides the same BTU output. It can be a little tricky as there are more factors involved – water temperature, water flow rate (GPM), heat exchanger surface area, heat exchanger volume, etc. All of these impact the maximum BTU output of the system.

      You can read about my system through various posts tagged with Polaris.

      Oh, and the only time I’ve had issues with my system in terms of meeting heat demand is when the actual temperature is down in the -26C range for an extended period of time. The system runs almost continuously then.

      Hope this helps!


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