The Menagerie

Currently there are a total of 9 mouths and 18 feet in our house. Huh? Yeah, we have quite the menagerie at the moment. We have Amie, myself and our little munchkin on the human side (3 mouths 6 feet) but then we also have the other critters. First there were the fish, Allele and Little Fish (2 mouths 0 feet) that Amie has been carting around for years. These are very well traveled fish with a couple thousand kilometers of driving under their, uh, scales.

Then came Little Head (yeah, we’re original with names in this house) the corn snake (1 mouth 0 feet). Little Head came to us through a friend who worked at Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo. Little Head was part of a clutch that had been hatched after a snake had been dropped off at the zoo. I had talked about getting a snake for a while and we managed to work something out where we would adopt the snake from the zoo.


After Little Head came Isaac and Fig, the red-bellied fire newts (2 mouths 8 feet). One more tank, two more plug-in pets. These guys are fun to watch because they flop around in the water and swim like fish with their tails going like mad.

Finally we added Roxie our St. Bernard Labrador mix (apparently also known as a Labranard) who ads the final 1 mouth and 4 feet to the total. Roxie is a rather large dog (about 110lbs right now) but she’s just a big goof ball who thinks she’s the size of a Chihuahua. Roxie came to us through a co-worker of Amie’s when she was 8 weeks old (and only about 14 lbs).

Update: Well, we are down a few mouths and feet since this was originally put together. The fish and the newts are no longer with us. The fish lived way beyond what we expected, as did the newts. We were surprised when we realized that the newts were over 7 years old!

Some good news though, we added another rugrat and a third one is going to join us any day now. So, we’ll be at 7 mouths and 14 feet. Not quite as funny numbers. :)

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