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Addicted to a show I hate!

    Have you ever been addicted to something you really don’t like? Something that really makes you mad more often that it makes you happy, or even indifferent? That is Survivor for me.

    I started watching the first one on the second last show. Of course, that’s because it was on in the middle of the summer and I had better things to do. Seemed like a decent show.

    The second series pulled me in. I watched it every week and I chatted about it with my friends. It was good. I enjoyed it back then. Now it’s to the point where I hate watching the show because the people are so stupid! You’d think they had never watched the show before! I’m to the point now where I have to watch the show because it’s something to chat about over coffee. At the same time I keep telling myself, “No! Don’t watch it this week!”, but that just seems to fail miserably.

    Anyways, the show drives me nuts. The people are all morons and the only thing that makes it all work out for some of them is blind luck. Since the first winner on the first season, no other winner has really controlled their teammates so well.

    Of course, I’d be a hypocrite if I said I could do better. I’d most likely be the first person voted off. ;)


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