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Adventures in Sex City

    On the way to work this morning I was listening to Catfish and Dave on Live 88.5 and they were talking to a member of the Middlesex-London Health Unit about a new web based game they created.  It’s called Adventures in Sex City and is intended to help teach young adults about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and misinformation about sex.

    The game is available through and is pretty good. It’s basically a quiz type game with 20 some questions about various ways to avoid STIs and other sex myths. I learned a few things myself!

    In Adventures in Sex City players can assume the role of one of the four superheroes who make up the Middlesex-London Sex Squad:

    • Captain Condom, a scientist, who, after a freak lab accident is now half man, half condom;
    • Power Pap, a sexually active woman who believes strongly in getting tested  regularly;
    • Willy the Kid, because he never grew taller than four feet, he joined the Sex Squad to prove that size doesn’t matter;
    • Wonder Vag, a virgin who believes in true love and promotes abstinence until marriage.

    By answering sexual health questions correctly, players can defeat the evil Sperminator, who threatens to infect Sex City. While playing the game, players can click on the Myth Maniac, a mysterious ally of the Sex Squad, who demystifies commonly held beliefs and myths about sexual health.

    The information is great, the game is really just a quiz and the graphics/characters are all rather tongue-in-cheek. I found it to be pretty decent and would be a good place to point your kids after they’ve hit puberty. Of course, as the spokesperson mentioned on the radio, there have been mixed reactions to the game.  Some people apparently think it’s too graphic. I’m guessing that some of those people also think their teenagers aren’t sexually active.

    Anyhoo, check it out!

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