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Air vent selector no longer working

    As of this morning, my air vent selector is no longer working on my 2004 GMC Sierra. Needless to say, I was a little pissed when I couldn’t get any air to come out of the defrost vents since it was about -20°C this morning when I started on my way to worrk. I had left the selector on the floor vent mode like I usually do. This morning I tried to turn the vent selector to the defrost mode (which should also kick on the air conditioner) but the air kept coming out of the floor vents. I couldn’t tell if the air conditioner kicked on or not but since there was no air flow at all coming out of the defrost vents, I’m assuming it didn’t turn on.

    After about 5 minutes driving with a fogged up front windshield, there was enough air movement to slowly start to defrost the windows. I was hoping it might just be that the diverter was frozen and eventually the air vent selector would switch properly. No such luck. So instead of coming straight to work this morning, I had to drop the truck off at the dealership to get them to take a look at it. Speaking of which, I should give them a call and see what’s going on.

    It’s weird, this new truck doesn’t seem to be quite as solid as my old 2001 GMC Sierra. It groans when it starts, creaks on rougher terrain and has some odd suspension noises at times. I’m really starting to think that my next vehicle won’t be a GM.

    Update: I called the dealership and they told me that they couldn’t reproduce the problem. Fun! Hopefully that is actually the case and it was just some stupid glitch this morning. As long as my air vent selector works and it doesn’t get stuck again, I don’t care. I’ll find out more when I get to the dealer after work and talk to them.

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