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Almost a year!

    Well, I’ve now had “Little Head” for almost a year. She’s definitely grown a lot since I first saw her.

    Coming in at a whopping 13 inches and just barely the thickness of my pinky finger, she is now a 37 inch monster with her thickest section being roughly the diameter of a looney (Canadian $1 coin, a little larger than a quarter).

    That’s pretty good for a year’s growth. According to everything I’ve read, she should be somewhere between 3.5 feet and 5.5 feet when full grown. I’m sort of hoping she’ll be close to the 5 foot range, but then again, that means a lot more snake to feed! :)

    Right now she’s doing pretty good on about 4 large fuzzies a week. I got them a while ago now and at the time they all seemed almost too big for her. Now I realize I should have gone for some bigger ones too! Oh well, I’ll just have to see if I can get more from my supplier.

    I took a bunch of quick pictures with my webcam tonight before I fed her. They’re over in the Corn Snake gallery if you want to take a look.

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