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Are you considering hemp inserts?

    Helpful tips for picking a hemp inserts to use with your Fuzzi Bunz:

    1. Pick a hemp/cotton blend as they are soft and fold very easily. A couple from our prenatal class bought some hemp inserts that were not blended with cotton and they are apparently VERY stiff and make it very hard for the baby to move around while wearing one.
    2. Wash your new inserts separately for the first few washes. This is because they will have a lot of lint (fuzz) in them that needs to work itself out and its a pain to pick it off the diapers after the fact.
    3. The maximum absorbency is achieved after having been washed and dried several times (I found about 3 times). After this is done they are awesome.
    4. Always dry them in the dryer if you can or hang dry and fluff in dryer. The dryer makes it them softer and thus easier to put in the diaper and easier for baby to move around in. Line dry and fluff is a more economical and results in a soft insert.

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