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Bearbrook Farm bed and breakfast

We went to Bearbrook Farm on Sunday for brunch. Their claim to fame is the wild meat buffet. We got to have some buffalo, emu, ostrich, wild boar and venison. Oh, and some “wild” beef balls. Heheh. No, not Prairie Oysters, they were just normal meat balls made with beef. There was all sorts of other food there, including standard breakfast type stuff.

Not too bad at all. One thing that we know for the next time though – head straight for the guy with the roasts! They had very nice roasts of all the different meats. I missed it the first time since he was at the end of the buffet line. By the time I saw him I had a full plate of other stews and stuff.

So, skip the stews and go for the roasts. Very nice! I’d never had emu before and it was really good. The buffalo and venison were also great. I wasn’t too fussy for the ostrich and the wild boar was just like pork. Apparently they will sometimes have different, more exotict meats. I’m thinking their rattle snake or alligator might be good to try. ;)

I’m thinking we’ll have to go back there with the families when they come to visit. A little on the expensive side for a brunch but it was mostly worth it.

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  1. Jeff… was this your first time at a buffet or something? You always survey the whole line *before* you start. If for nothing else than to know how much you’ll be eating to reach the end of the line. When you get old, it’s so you know to pick out the good stuff first before you get full.


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