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Becoming Socially Connected

I’m making the leap into the world of social media.  I’ve been blogging for a really long time now (I’ve got 8 years worth of posts in the archives) but I never really latched onto the social media push that has happened in the last year or so. A lot of that probably is due to the fact most of my friends aren’t into it either.

Facebook, Twitter and
Facebook, Twitter and

So, here’s my stab at becoming more social!  You can follow me on Twitter or you can follow me on  If you are on Facebook, you should be able to track me down there too (well, assuming you are someone I know in real life otherwise I’m probably not going to add you to my friends list.  Sorry.).

I can’t guarantee you’re going to see anything super interesting if you follow me.  At the moment I’ve really only tied all three of the above apps into this blog.  You should see updates when ever I make a new post here. If you follow me, I’ll probably follow you.  Then we can twitter or dent with each other and be like all the cool kids! :)

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