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Bell Canada Still Sucks at Customer Service

Bell Canada Still Sucks!

Bell Canada still sucks, even with a new logo.
Bell Canada still sucks, even with a new logo.

I know, I know, everyone knows that Bell Canada still sucks.  There’s nothing new about this statement.  I’ve bitched about Bell Canada 611 before and I’ve complained about ExpressVu and Mobility also.

Well, after receiving my latest bill from Bell Canada, I was painfully reminded yet again that Bell Canada still sucks.

Background of the Problem

In mid-December I decided that I had paid too much for my Bell Internet for too long.  It was time to can their ass and move to Primus.  Bell was charging me $47.95/month while Primus was/is offering pretty much the exact same DSL Internet for $34.95/month.  Oh, and I would also be able to purchase the modem so I wouldn’t keep paying that damn $2.00/month “modem rental fee” that mysteriously showed up on my bill one month a while back.

The Offer

Yeah, so I didn’t actually dump Bell Internet like I should have.  I managed to get to the “retention agent” pretty quickly and that’s where I got conned.  I was offered a deal – $36.95/month for 12 months and my home phone would be reduced to $9.95/month for the first 6 months and then go up to $14.95/month for the last 6 months.

Damn, that’s not a half bad deal considering I was just calling to cancel so I could get a better rate for high speed internet with Primus.  I figured that staying with Bell would save me the hassle of actually switching and I could put up with one more year of their crap.

The agent even went the extra mile and emailed me a confirmation number with a summary of the offer. Swell.

What Went Wrong?

I wish I knew!

I received my Bell bill today and popped it open to check and see what my new monthly charges would be.  Well, when I saw a bill for almost $250 I nearly lost it.  I didn’t even have to look at the bill to know they had really screwed it up considering my “normal” bill is less than $150 and with the new offer, it should have been very close to $100.

I immediately grabbed the phone and called 310-India.  Oh, no, I mean I called 310-BELL. While swearing like a trucker at automated Emily to get to a real person, I discovered why my bill was so high.  For some reason Bell had decided to active the second phone line that goes to my house. I’ve never had that second line active since we bought the house and I have never made a request to activate the line. Now I’m paying for two phone lines and the activation charge to setup that second line.  On top of that, they had changed my internet so I was now paying $50.95/month!

Needless to say, the offer I was given by the retention agent didn’t quite show up on my bill.

I spent almost an hour on the phone with three different agents getting dicked around.  Even with my confirmation number, they couldn’t figure out what I was talking about. They were able to see when I made the call and everything but apparently they couldn’t figure out how to read the numbers on the screen in front of them.

I did finally manage to get the second line removed and apparently I’m going to get a retroactive credit for it.  Unfortunately I have to wait until next month to find out if that actually happened as Bell is apparently unable to generate new bills on any day other than your billing date. In the mean time I’m supposed to over pay due to their screw up this month.

As for the offer I was given, I still don’t have that.  I’ve got an “investigation” number though and supposedly I’ll receive a call within 5-7 days to inform me of the results of the “investigation”.  I think I already know the response I’m going to receive. Something like:

The offer that you were provide was not properly documented so we are unable to extend that offer to you.  Instead, we’ll give you a token $5 off of your bill for a couple months to try and keep you happy. Oh, but we’ll still charge you $52.95/month for internet that you can get elsewhere for $34.95/month, just because we think we can. Oh, and for making us look bad we’re going to say that you agreed to a 3 year contract at some point too.

Here’s hoping they don’t end up canceling both phone lines at my house.  That would be just classic Bell Canada.

What’s Next?

Once this is fixed, I’m switching to Primus. Bell Canada still sucks and I don’t want to give them any more of my money.

45 thoughts on “Bell Canada Still Sucks at Customer Service”

  1. Before switching to Primus, if you haven’t already done so, I would check out other posts on Primus. My internet rarely works, I spend more time taking to tech support and customer service than I spend on line.

  2. If you are called by Bell`s sales Department trying to sell you a better internet deal,
    Never agree to it unless they can send it to you in writing….. It`s a Scam !!!!!!!!!

    I`ve been fighting with these Bastards for over a year now, Calls are always re-routed to countries where people have no fucken clue where Canada even is, much less about anything else you are asking them. Bell`s game is that most people will get tired of waiting & being given the run around and passed from 1 agent to another, so they end up paying the Inflated bills.

    Every time you take a service from Bell, they will tell you ………this is a Contract.
    But along the way they will scam you by Adding hidden or inflated fees to your bill, that is Ok to them when the higher fees are in their favour. I was sold a service at a set price, but never had 2 bills come in with the same amounts on them. U can spend Hours trying to rectify the problems, but the idiots pretend they have no clue about what you are saying, even if you called them the month before, they lost all records of it.
    Bell are among the worse fucken crooks there is out there, BEWARE !
    Keep all your pass statements, cuz if you don`t they will rip you off even more.

  3. Here’s a novel one: I moved 10 blocks, and my Bell cel phone service stopped working. No service if I’m in my basement, 1 bar in my living room. I have to go out on the front lawn to make a call.

    So I call bell, and after wrestling with that goddamn automatic answering service I get through to a rep who says “well, we can’t guarantee service everywhere”

    Jeeze Louise! I’m in the middle of fucking Ottawa!

    So I say “What can Bell do about this?”

    Answer: There is nothing we can do… but next year we’ll be blanketing the country with the best fucking cel service ever. Our assholes are quivering with anticipation! So hang in there, big guy!

    But I need the damn thing to work now, not in some glorious future, so I cancel my service and get Rogers (already 3G). Clear as a bell from the depths of my basement.

    Bell then decides to charge me *a hundred bucks to cancel my service*. After 2&1/2 years of a 3 year plan (my first mistake, don’t get me started). I ask them to explain how they can charge me for canceling a service that they can’t provide in the middle of Our Nation’s Capital.

    Answer: Go fuck yourself. A hundred bucks is a hundred bucks, and we want it. We’re too fucking stupid to figure out that the 40 grand lifetime spend you’ll now go make with Rogers when you move your internet and your land line because we’ve pissed you off so bad you can hardly see is many times bigger than the hundred bucks we want right now, and we don’t fucking care. Have a nice fucking day.

  4. Well I just want to say that I also had my fair share of problems with Bell. But nothing compared to what I’m going through with Rogers. ROGERS INTERNET SUCKS. The worst ever for the same price as Bell. Although when I was with Bell, 7Mb, I was throttled about 20%,consistently 400-500kbs. With Rogers 10Mb all I get is 150-250kbs. That is a throttle of 80% WTF. I hate to say it but I will be going back to Bell. If you don’t believe me go to to hear more complaints.

  5. Vince! DO NOT GO BACK TO BELL!! ololo

    Check around for some private providers, there are ALOT you can choose from, better to choose one near you………

  6. Nobody can match the hate I have for this company. I dumped their internet for a third party provider, but because I’m rural, I had to go with a company using the Bell phone lines. For about $20 per month I was getting the max rate of 2.5Mb/s but I kept having outages. I would call Acanac (third party internet provider), and I could not call Bell becuase they were not my provider. Acanac would put in a trouble ticket, and Bell had 72 hours to repair it. It was always a phone line problem because Bell is not maintaining the lines. Bell would just close the ticket. They never gave any information but just closed it so they met their metric. The problem remained, I had to call Acanac and open another ticket, then same thing three days later.

    In one case, I lost service completely. No connection. I called Acanac, they put in the trouble, then after three days I called back. Acanac reported that Bell reported the problem fixed. Still zero connection. This happened three times before I final went postal and demanded a repair. I got a line guy to my house who did some phoning and got someone to finally visit the remote where my line card was……er, where my line card used to be. I heard the discussion on the phone – a tech had taken my dsl line card to give to a new Bell Sympatico customer and just left me high and dry. Because the line card was gone, my profile was gone and the repair group closed the ticket each time. This is just one case of an outage. I eventually had to drop acanac and go back to Bell because the turnaround time to get a repair was a week. For certain types of outages I claimed a clicking on the line to get the phone repair guys to test the line. Anyway, Acanac claimed they were going out of business because Bell was purposely and systematically fucking their customers. They said there was a group of resellers doing a class action because this was the practice.

    As far as Bell’s customer service, it is purposely designed as the “Indian Shield”. Much like Dell, the agents in India conveniently have little access to real records, real testing so Bell has designed this group to shield them from annoying contact from customers. All they can do is create a trouble ticket and set up an appointment (80% miss rate).

    Now I’m on a Bell package which has base price of twice what third party had and I just got a bunch of overage charges (doubling again) for too much downloads?
    When I went back to Bell, after promising approval at 2Mb/s, they set my profile at 1Mb/s and then when I called the Indian Shield their response was “UP to 2Mb/s”. The reseller on Bell lines had higher speed than Bell.

    These guys are the worst example of large company incompetance. They litterally steal from me and there is nothing I can do. Terrible reliability, terrible speed, horrible price, maddening customer service.

  7. For all of those having these problems, get a hold of the Executive Customer Care Team at Bell. I had a bigger problem. I was on a Bell HSE Long Distance Plan, I got doubled billed for internet both on sympatico and with the plan, someone took me off my plan then disconnected my internet. I contact Executive Customer Care at Bell, and now I have them by the ****s.

    1. Here is the phone number for them.

      Bell Canada Executive Office of Customer Relations at no charge.


      This number can be used for unresolved issues with any Bell Canada service.

  8. these leadbrains refused 3 times to send in my faulty internet stick and they were rude and arrogant gave wrong phone numbers and itold them 2 months ago 2 cancel and they still bill me the only reason i went was to c if worse than fellow thieves rogers ang by a longshot they are i saw one person combined accounts and they tried to charge cacel fees rogers weanted 25 bucksto change billing date these bandits get away with far too much

  9. So glad I’m not with bell anymore. They over charged me. Tried to charge me a cancellation fee. They outsource jobs to India. (I don’t have anything against the people in India.) It’s suppose to be bell Canada, is it not? Had to threaten legal action to get my money back. I asked them to remove my name and number off their contact list. They called me at 3 am to try to get me to return to bell. That’s harassment. Called the police and the BBB. bell has an F rating with the BBB.

    They have the worst customer service EVER!
    I had been with them, but there service sucked so I left.
    They sent me a letter telling me they would fix there mistakes and improve there service, in addition they offered me 20% off 1 year of internet service.

    They couldn’t even get my internet to work. They had like 6 technicians at my house, I was on the phone as if it was my full time job, complaining to them, trying to get my internet WORKING!
    So we switched away from Bell and went to Rogers.

    They have the worst customer service, and there tech’s are (i’m looking for a nice word to use) not very intelligent (that was pretty nice).

    I promise you, you will be sorry!

  11. It’s time to start writing your MP to continue deregulating the industry. They paid a lot for their 3G licence which they have long ago recovered these costs. Now they do everything they can to collude with Rogers in charging Canadians some of the highest telecom rates in the world.

    I have two stories. As a 50 year exec. returning from Asia I found my mom gave me her cell phone until I could figure out which service I wanted. That day I received a note from Bell that I could upgrade her phone free of charge. So I went in to upgrade this to a Blackberry. They told me that I had $200 credit and that I could do this. But I would have to sign up for another 3 year plan. I said I just wanted the same plan with the Blackberry and they said no way. A bait and switch.

    Then I went to the Apple iPhone on Saturday, June 5th. I paid by credit card for a new notebook and a phone. When it came time to buy the phone, the people at Apple started to connect me with Bell. They said that I had to give them a $200 deposit because of a new customer – never mind that my family has used the same telephone number from Bell for over 50 years! This was a first for the people at Apple.

    That wouldn’t have been so bad except for the call I got yesterday that asked for more money. I had used about 40MB of 2GB time and I received a text that I had already spend $154 of time.

    When I finally got through to their call centre all they did was justify their expenses and they said if I reached $200 then they would cut me off. I asked to cut the service so they said I would have to pay for the full year contract.

    The customer service representative rep then put on her supervisor – Mr. Sheldon Soriano, Bell Employee 6031106 said he could hold on for three hours but that would not change things.

    So where does this leave us. A fat company happy to get fatter from unhappy customers like myself.

    It’s time to put them out of business. Call your Member of Parliament. Get deregulation so we can more choice. And please add your thoughts to this.

  12. Bell Canada Marketing to my DEAD HUSBAND! He died 2 years ago and we had problems closing the account as well as additional fees- that pissed me off! BUt when My children picked up the mail ( summer break ) on the exact date that we had his funeral service 2 years ago and it was a promotional letter addressed to MY HUSBAND and burst into tears I can’t take it – I don’t care about me , but WTF are they doing direct marketing to a DEAD person – he didn’t even live with us the last year before he died! What this means is that their marketing guy SR VP Residential sales Steve Bickley has used my contact information from after I reported his death!

    I am struggling of course getting through to Bell in the rat maze they call customer service to tell them about their rather large FAUX PAS and to let them know that ,I will mak every effort to countermarket in all of my many circles -Have 3 kids , all play 3 sports a peice and I play as well as professional and educational connections-I will ask that they all support my countermarketing initiative as well ….

  13. I was with Bell for over 3 years, I had the Bell Expressvu satellite tv, the bill was over $81.44 a month with a 2 year contract which I only found out about the contract only after they installled everything. We don’t watch tv anymore so I decided to cancel their services. When I was doing so they asked me why I was cancelling and was basically harassing me to stay with them for over 20 minutes. I have had previous problems with the service and wasn’t getting some channels, when I called them they told me I had to pay for someone to come out and take a look.

    So anyhow, I cancelled the service on April 7 2010. I was told that they had to bill me until May 7, it would be my last bill and to pay the amount of around $51.33 because the billing date is April 19, so I had to pay from April 19-May 7. So I received the bill and paid $51.33. After that I kept receiving bills for the service for the next two months along with late payment fees. They cut off the service on May 7, but yet I receive bills for next 2 months?

    They sent me a letter stating they disconnected my services following my request, but they haven’t received the payment of my last invoice, and they wanted to remind me that their invoices are payable upon receipt. I paid the last bill of $51.33. When I called, lady told me the billing cycle will eventually fix itself, lol. When I called second time they supposidly fixed the problem. I received another bill for $1.44 which makes no sense, I paid it hoping it was the last, (showed on the bill that I paid the $51.33, they finally got the payment)!

    Now, they sent me 2 empty boxes with instructions on how to send back the receivers/boxes/cards/remotes etc. I sent back the 2 receivers along with remote controls and the cards as they requested. Sent them on May 11, same day I received the boxes, sent with Canada Post, still have the tracking numbers and paper from Bell that is stamped by Canada Post as proof of shipment (as requested to be done by Bell Canada). I have checked the tracking numbers on and it states that both packages were received on May 17, there’s a signature and everything. So, I just received couple days ago after months later, a letter and bill from Bell stating I haven’t return the receivers, the bill is around $98.23 (not sure if that is for one receiver or two, won’t be surprised if I can another bill lol). I called Bell and told them the problem and told them I have proof the packages were shipped and received, she put me on hold for 10 minutes, then told me that another department was going to fix it and she gave me a confirmation number.

    So now I’m waiting to see what else they’re going to pull out of their sleeve. I have been a more than perfect customer to them for the over 3 years I have been with them, never a late payment, never a problem, and this is what I get! I know this isn’t over, I can feel it!

    Bell Sucks! I still have Bell Aliant internet which also sucks, I will be switching to another provider when one comes available where I live. Thanks for listening!

  14. Bell’s FOUR step escalation process suggests we contact the Senior vice president of customer service M. James Myers for top level escalation. His email address is here for all of your convenience. [email protected] . I suspect it’s a bogus email address because I’ve not received any response to THIS email.
    Dear Mr. Myers,

    My mother has been without phone service at 905 877 2493 for three full days. She is 72. This is dangerous. We, and countless other seniors’ families RELY on phone service as a necessary link with essential services. I shudder to think what might happen if she were to fall, hurt herself or fall ill without any way to contact emergency services.

    I am writing as I sit on hold (It’s been 20 minutes now on and off) for the THIRD day in a row with your abysmal customer service department.
    I have called three times. My mother has called at least twice from neighbour’s homes and we have had three communications via email. Each time we have been promised a tech and each time no one has come. Today your computer says someone was at my mother’s home at 9am yesterday. I can assure you no one was. At 72 she is home full time and believe me, she’s been on the lookout for the technician.

    I’ve spoken with three first line support techs, three repair department people, three supervisors and nothing has happened each day same story, we’ll get someone to you tomorrow. It was unacceptably slow on the first day it is negligent on day three. It is for this very reason that I personally left Bell and went to Rogers for all my communication needs. I am very close to counselling her to do the same thing.

    In my last conversation with the final supervisor who has put me on hold for now 25 minutes I told him I’d just stay on the phone and chat with him until someone showed up at my mother’s door. There was no response. He hit the hold button and I’ve been listening to the same 45 seconds of music loop for 25 minutes.

    Do you not have a check back in rule? I’d be delighted to give you his name and employee number as stated in your 4 step escalation instructions but HE WOULD NOT GIVE THEM TO ME.

    Are you TRYING to drive yourselves out of business?

    A friend of mine recently moved and was given 6 months FREE local phone service, internet and satellite Television. I wonder if you’d be willing to extend this offer to customers who have been with you for well over 45 years and who are left to languish unserviced and on hold with a looped muzak track for now THIRTY MINUTES.

    This letter will be posted on as many blogs as I can find until this problem is resolved and suitable recompense is proposed.

  15. Dear Sharon,

    Perhaps your mother would benefit from a $50 per month Bell Mobility mobile phone which she could use if her other phone is not working. I suggest the 1500 minute package otherwise she would already be over the monthly limit, incurring overage charges just from spending the time on the phone with Automated Emily trying to get her land line fixed.

    There are some extra features which would be critical for her, foremost is the feature that allows her to program her personal video recorder while she is hiking in the forest and that way she won’t miss the rerun of Golden Girls. If she ever has trouble with services an attractive young Canadian without tatoos will show up at her door and fix her service then give her a tutorial of all the new age communication services at Bell in the Big Blue B.

    Bell is a joke. If they spent half as much money fixing their crumbling infrastrcture as they do pitching this bullshit imaginary world where there stuff works and is affordable then we’d not be on the Bell sucks blog. I have at least three large black balls of electrical tape on the line between my house and the central office and when it rains, my services starts to fail and their technician told me it was my fault because any dust on the inside jacks transmits electricity thus causing the service problems. Hmmmmm, maybe they should check in the balls of black electrical tape.

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  17. me i m glad i not with is why..i told bell to cancel all servise and what they do
    they charge me over $350 …i was snap…i told bell to take that bell and stick it inside your after that bell keep sending the bill..what do i do…trash can
    i never look at my bell and about 1 year or more ..they stop sending…good
    they can kiss god damn pig ass
    fuck you bell ..don,t send us the bill

  18. hi folks,

    You seem to have a pretty good mix here of personalities, etc., however, same story with Bell. I was searching for Bell contact numbers when I found this site. I want to say thanks to all of you for your comments. I am in northern BC and have worked mainly in Alberta for a while. My home phone is Telus landline and AB Telus celular for when I have work there. I would swear about Bell too but I am all swore out in the letter I just finished and want to fax, email, send, etc. to Bell. My complaint is pretty minor next to yours, AND, after reading your stories, I feel fortunate to have Telus phone and CityWest cable internet. In the past I have had some internet service problems that were fairly serious but the company eventually did fix them. I was patient because I believed the company really wanted to get things fixed, eventually, and they did.

    The last year I have ahd many calls from ‘Bell India’ on both phones. Both are DNCL registered. Same agent hangs up when I ask for his company name and contact info and/or customer (Bell Mobility) representatives contact information. This and the telemarketer phone number are ‘required’ by both DNCL and CRTC in order to report abuse. The phone number is conveniently “out of area” when I try the *69 and *57 phone company traces. I intend to spend some time ‘reverse harassing’ Bell every way I can. Fax and email but also, I want to see if they have ‘postage pre-paid’ envelopes at one of their agents and grab them all. Then copy my profanity-plump complaint and make them pay to receive it. Phone their ‘toll-free’ new customer sales lines, little or no waiting, automation, etc., and take up their valuable employee wages in useless conversation before adding to my letters that I am doing this to use up their profits.

    I will search the internet and talk to people I know and people I meet about ideas for fighting back that costs Bell money. I had hoped that Bell was image conscious but apparently not. Judging by your examples the poor telemarketer attitude is an extension of Bells’ own.

    A LITTLE ADVICE TO ‘Bern’… Bell may send unpaid bills to collections agency (who can really screw up your credit). Make sure you document your trouble with Bell and send a complaint to the BBB in your area. If Bell has poor BBB rating and you have a complaint registered at BBB then if collections comes calling you may get them to back off. Check with others who refuse to pay to see if Bell has gone the collections agency route.

    Some encouragement to all of you… send your complaints to the nearest Bell and Rogers competitor who has a good reputation and is big enough to compete. Ask them if they plan to offer services in your area sometime soon. You might also get a petition going for names of people who would welcome a better company. If enough people are dis-satisfied with Bell and Rogers then maybe you can motivate a competing company or even use the petition to get formal action from your government rep or the CRTC. That issue of the elderly without phone for 3-4 days at a time is defintely serious.

    If you are serious then get a voice pocket recorder and a device for attaching to your phone. Record your calls to Bell so you have proof of your complaints regarding the ‘changing’ truth customer service.

  19. Bell internet always screws people. you can talk to them 100 times and then call them back again and repeat the same things. So i found a solution, if bell canada does not listen to what im saying ,and they screw up my bills , i just wont pay, and they can send me to credit agencies and i still wont care, you see bell claims they r so smart at screwing people that when i first got the service 5 years ago i gave them an invented name and all invented info , sure i paid ,but its not my name . oh bell bell bell , i did this becuase i know your all alike , from hydro, to anything. so to keep my sanity i rather do it illigaly.

  20. The people who work for bell are full of sh!t! I’d love to see them go under and flop as a company… teach them a lesson in customer care! I’ve had it with those idiots myself. They added me to a calling list after I changed cell phone companies, now I get harassment from telemarketers…. and I’ve called and complained to no avail… so to fix this little problem I shut off my home phone saved myself 46$ a month and only use my cell and I get 0 telemarketers thank you very much…. if it hadn’t have been for the harassing calls I’d still be paying a home phone bill well NOT ANYMORE.

    Bell Mobility and the people who work there are A§§ Hole§ each and every last one of them.

  21. Wow,
    There’s alot of Bell hate going on here.
    I too, would phone Bell about my bill. The whole process would suck up an hour of my work day and the end result was suppose to be a reduced price for phone and internet.
    It’s never happened. Three times a year I would do this and it would just never happen! Occasionaly, they might turn off my answereing service by mistake so someone was doing something.
    They record all of my calls so they can check back.
    For those who are still with Bell I suggest they record their calls too, just to document the service or discount that they never recieved.
    I’ve been a Bell customer for over 37 years. I don’t give a crap about specials and fine print. I just want to use the phone, surf the net and not get over charged. If my bill is a few bucks more, that’s ok. Life’s too short to argue about that but it really pisses me off that they’ll offer a (supposed) great deal to a non customer while fleacing me.
    Many people I know are switching to other providers.
    To the marketing geniuses at Bell who don’t seem to understand that it’s cheaper to keep a customer than bring one back, you must be so proud to watch the decline of a company that was once respected.

  22. Bell tv is ridiculous, i phoned one day because bell sent us a replacement receiver so i phoned to get it “hooked up” or whatever, once it was finished the girl on the phone was like “since your a valued customer blah blah we have a promotion for you to get the super channels FREE for 3 months!” of course me (stupid!!) i said yes, i just had to call before February 4th to cancel…Anyways it’s not done, i think i am going to be getting the channels free for 3 months, i check my bill by the phone (account balance) and my balance is $100! (considering my phone + tv is only $71 each month – i have the basics for everything). So i call up customer service and one guy is like “oh i see, there was a problem there was a glitch, your not suppose to be paying for the super channels there is nothing we can do you’ll HAVE TO PAY for them this month and i’ll submit a “ticket” to get it fixed.” So this month i am stuck paying for their god dam glitch, and they also said “it can take 1-2 billing cycles for the effect to take place” meaning i would most likely have to pay again for those channels that i was offered for FREE. I said i am not paying for YOUR mistakes, remove those super channels NOW! i kept getting “you must keep them for 30 days” hung up, called another agent got the same run around then i called again and i got a different agent in the programming team and she kept making me to keep them, i said NO remove it i am not being charged again for this crap! she then removed them, and sent me a confirmation to my email. Bell is such bullshitters, i am so sick and tired of them screwing people over. I know for now whenever they offer me anything free again for so many months, it’ll be a big NO.

  23. follow up to my above post ^^^^^^^^^^^
    what it says on my bill

    “Monthly charges: 1 Super Channel $16.00”

    “Other Charges or Credits: 1 Super Channel $8.53”

    So those rat SOB’s charged me $16.00 for the super channels + another $8.53??? WTF! i better not see these charges again on my december bill. I hate bell so much! grrr…

  24. I’ve definitely had my share of problems with Bell, all the issues that come with them. After switching to Ormuco, there’s absolutely no way I’d ever go back. Much better service, very high speed Internet, they offer fiber optics and they’re a lot more reliable than Bell! I highly recommend them – here’s the link in case anyone’s interested:

    1. I see I am not alone with the complaints about Bell. I’m in Nova Scotia. Yesterday I had the pleasure of losing my internet by a stupid kid that works for a sub contractor of bell. Even though my service was working fine he said he was replacing a broken port. This port apparently feeds 4 clients. He told my wife that the disruption was temporary and would be working within minutes. Well over an hour after no internet. Went out when I saw him taking down the ladder. Told him we had no internet. His reply was you don’t? Lol So he runs around like he was being chased by Satan himself with a hot knife and tries to fix the problem. Moves his truck around for some apparent reason, I guess the signal from the mothership was being blocked for my internet. Comes to the door wanting my address apparently doesn’t know where he is. Goes on his phone back up the ladder pulling wires back to the side of the house then to the truck. It was like watching a cartoon. Then it starts pouring rain he comes off the ladder talking on the phone to no doubt India and throws the ladder on the ground, picks it up and throws it down again. So being a young man who obviously could not fix it gets in his truck after he picked up the ladder. Drives off with no internet for us. Just paying my bill long before it was due. I called the tech department in India land of the idiots and the lazy. If that sounds racist then oh well. Told the so called tech that the line is disconnected I can see it was because I traced it back to our house. This idiot is trying to fix a line that is not connected after repeating that 4 times to her. Then she tells me that the next available appointment is Monday. I lost it with her, you expect me to wait until Monday for my internet to be fixed when your contractor disconnected it? Not happening you get someone out here today. I ended up hanging up and calling there loyalty department which as you can imagine was a cursing for for me. Couldn’t even understand this idiot. So she connects me back to tech after I told her they can’t fix it. Great company to deal with. So now I am without internet for paying my bill long before it is due to have to put up with this bullshit. Time for civil war. Best I can do is try 1 more phone number 1-866-317-3382 that I got off this site Executive Care number but not expecting any solution. So after that it will be take the modem back to them bell store and cancel my service because the loyalty department would not do that when I told them too. This is fucking with my business affairs so I might have to sue for breach of contract. BBB and government are a waste of time. Explosives are looking better all the time for these corporations that continue to fuck us over. That’s my beef.

  25. figured i have to add to this since i just googled “bell internet sucks” out of sheer frustration. I just canceled them today and even that was slow and tedious , had to talk to ackmed , ahmed and towlie just to get them to cancel. heres my story.

    i called 30 days ago to complain about my internet , it has been completely unusable between the hours of 7pm to 2 am, peak times i’m assuming (the times i’m home) .. so no netflix, no online ps3 , gee fun.. slow slow speeds , to the point where my ps3 friends list takes 5 mins to list all the people , if you own a ps3 watch yours when you sign in.

    anyway when i called first they claimed i had a low line profile and that someone would fix it and tomorrow it would be fine. 2 weeks later i call back as nothing has changed and i’m told its a problem with my whole neighborhood and lots of people are complaining about speed but no worries it will be fixed. so i wait another 4 frustrating nights of no online gaming or movies and today i call to cancel, this is funny ..

    i tell the lady i want to cancel , puts me on hold .. i get technical support and i guy claiming he is going to fix my problem, i tried to explain to him that i didn’t want it fixed anymore i’m done, undeterred he claims he is fixing my problem. Two mins later he declares my internet is fixed and all will be fine , well holy jebus i declared you must be the best employee bell has with employee of the month plaques all over the place. I kindly explained to him i didn’t believe him and plus if he fixed it in 2 mins why did it take 30 + days and me threaten to cancel to have him switch the magic “make internet suck less” button. i proceeded to cancel my internet , i’m done with Bell India.

    I still have my internet until the end of the month so when i go home tonight it should be interesting to see how well he “fixed” it .. ha.

    thanks for the rant space.

  26. Reading these blurbs really made me feel better … I cancelled my cell today and got the runaround…guess it equal opportunity … at least they screw Everyone and not just a select few : )

  27. I’ve also had problems with Bell: They make promises that they don’t keep. I once treatened to cancelle my internet with them: they responded by charging me $65. for decoder box[?].
    I was also promised to pay less–it never happened–‘Bell you’re dishonest!!!

  28. Hi folks!
    Well, here I am, the latest casualty of the Bell Bullshit machine.
    We signed up for the Internet with Bell in Jan 2011 and were imediately dispatched a regular modem rather than a wireless one that we requested OK, shit happens, no biggie, so we got the proper one a week later. Now we’re online….. no wait a minute… offline….hold on… online.. well you get the picture. So within two weeks we’re ready to cancel (subject to the 30 day customer satisfaction guarantee) Phone Bell and it goes something like this: ‘ stay with us and we’ll give you extra download and a higher speed and less money’ and all that shit with the 30 day satisfaction thing starting from the date of the call.Ok, we said and bought into this. About 2 – 3 weeks into , and it wasn’t a lot better, so we decided to get rid and called Bell.
    Today ( a week after the above call ) the ” Indian Shield” called. We spelled it out to them that we wanted Bell out of our lives ( And believe me their phone service goes too ) to which she started banging on about the $100 charge. She was informed that it was well within the 30 days, she put us on hold and went away only to return with a “New” deal which would mean they wouldn’t charge us the $100 if we stayed with them. Nice. The only problem was that by this time she was on Speakerphone and was roundly told by a chorus of voices that this “Offer” was tantamount to blackmail. Now on the back foot, she started to deny this was blackmail and thereafter went silent. At that point SHE was told the conversation was over, and we hung up.
    What happens next is up to Bell, but I can assure them that they are NOT getting their $100 and their whole lousy fucked up “Busniess” can piss in the wind for their “Fee”.

  29. Most issues with Bell contracts are resolvable given you have proof of agreements, I have been with them 12 years and like everyone had to call and wait long times.But they do listen eventually.

    If one reads the fine print states Bell is entitled to make changes. It is however illegal to make changes in a contract and remake a new once it is made.

    I have ignored such form of illegal changes or making payments to my contract for the term of services prearranged and insist honoring those agreements been mutually agreed to. If we do not respect contracts there is no point of advertising as it is fraud by law to take sums of money from banks not in the contract.

    Also ISP providers advertise they mention that the speed depends on the distance from central this needs to be take in consideration. So you need to ask prior to sign up the best speeds available to you not just promised hypes.

    Your rights are entitled to a hard copy of your agreement by law.
    Not simply a confirmation number or email.

    Most comments above do not mention a ticket confirmation for every contact with Bell.
    It makes perfect sense to protect yourself by asking for a ticket confirmation every time no matter how tedious this may sound to you pays in long run pays.

    From my experience Bell agents look at plans and cannot always access client details in the database. I have talked to many Bell Agents when I had problems resolved technical or accounting and they are spread over provinces and countries. Probably why network information is not readily available immediately as one would expect.

    CRTC and Bell from the pretty much seem sleep together. Don’t expect them to be resolving any bandwidth user issues any time soon as they don’t seem to be independent as they claim.It is like one hand feeds the other.
    While technology moves forward and becomes cheaper our bills increase with lesser services being offered.

    I think my issue is same that sometimes the agreements are not fully honored from one agent to the next bill at times so there needs to be a better control mechanism to protect user from the mishaps of major cooperation’s as they can attack credit lines
    while clients are left defenseless with the current laws.

  30. Hi Folks
    After so many years I had with the curry company. I think you guys are a bit unfair with Bell. Bell is a quite good company when you call them to upgrade your service. They are the perfect company if have to too many money to spend. I tried to upgrade my bell service , internet, home phone. etc . All of them were success.
    “BUT” with my 20 years experiencing with them . It was not even 1 time close to success when I want to downgrade or cancel my service. I called them 2 month ago wanted to downgrade my internet upload speed cause i was paying $5 extra for 7m upload. At the end I received a bill $5 extra with downgraded speed. speechless…..

  31. Just want to say Bell Canada and their csr and collection people are a bunch of STUPID MOTHER FUCKING SCAM ARTISTS, COCK SUCKERS< IGNORANT PRICKS!


  32. Works for Bell and Hates Bell

    Hello everyone. I agreed with what all of you are saying. I am soo fed up with Bell Canada. The worst part is i work for them and i have to disagree with the customer when they complain about Bell. I hate bell. I have products with them. It took me 6 months to get my fucking bill corrected. The worst part is i called in today they said that i cannot have other discounts because i work for Bell. No one ever told me that. I am SOOOO FUCKING PISSED OFF. I am so glad you have such a site. I was thinking of creating one too.

  33. Works for Bell and Hates Bell

    For everyone’s information my bill has not been corrected. I have to work for a company that i believe in.

  34. Works for Bell and Hates Bell

    The worst part is this customer service agent that i spoke to Rob employee #ex95149 was soo arrogant and his supervisor Mab. Exact name!!!!! The worst part people when you ask for a supervisor when you talk to one is not a supervisor but another agent.

  35. Waiting for the contract to End

    I have been on hold with customer services for almost an hour trying to phone in my payment, because I spoke to some bangledesh operator a few weeks ago who insisted that if I did not call my payment in that they would disconnect me. I explained that I would be making the payment, but that due to my employment hours calling in was difficult and unlikely. I was threatened that if I didn’t call in they would disconnect me and charge me a reconnect fee.

    I have had cellular service with Bell for almost 5 years. The first phone was on a two year contract and I completed it without any difficulty. The second phone which is on a three year contract up in October — thank christ — has been nothing but a nightmare. I used to encur about 300-500 a month as I used the phone for both personal and business, plus my spouse lives in Ecuador so it is our mode of communication mainly through text.

    I had a second phone for my son, and had requested no wireless on that phone. It was supposed to be on a plan that allowed him to text, with 150 mins of calls. The only people he was allowed to call was home.

    I obtained a telephone with my organization, so I cut back on my plan – leaving it to a similar plan to my son’s. Basically the two phones were about 85.00 max a month with my international texting.

    Somewhere along the line it got to the point that although I was paying my bill every month – I paid with my mid month paycheck and paid monthly between the 15-20th when I had time to get to the bank to pay bills. They began calling me sometimes upwards of 12-18 times a day. The number appeared on my phone. An automatic recorder not even a person….asking you to wait to speak to a representative. I had arguments with many representatives asking about the excessive harrassment over minor bills compared to the ones I used to incur. I was told that my bill was late. Since I pay monthly and have been consistently paying my bills like stated above since I began having Bell as my provider — so why now is it a problem? They indicated that it is just an automated system. I explained that having my phone ring upward of 12 times or more within a 3 hour period while I am at work is harrassment and an annoyance. Especially when you answer and no one is there. I spoke to one Manager who promised me that they would put an alert on my system to avoid being pestered by this invasive system. Next month same thing.

    I have gotten to the point that I no longer use the cell for anything but texts out of the country. I hardly ever carry it out of my home. I took my son’s phone off, and cut back the service to the barest minium with no bells and whistles. The only people that call me is Bell, I never answer it.

    In December, my son had incurred wireless that I told Bell not to have hooked up. I had a bill of 300.00 and they disconnected me without notice. Rather they only disconnected my ability to make international texts, the only reason I have this phone. I argued with two Outsourced Agents in Mumbai who tried to force me to pay the entire bill that afternoon (Christmas Eve) until I told them I would be contacting Customer Retention and make a formal complaint, I had both of their names and ID numbers. Immediately their tune changed and they rehooked up my telephone. They did charge me 60 bucks for this disconnection, which is currently now their rationale for harrassing me.

    I am no longer polite, nice or cooperative. I am just waiting for the contract to end and then I am throwing the phone into the landfill. Oh I have to say that every time I have decreased services I have been given the opportunity for a free phone, free texting, extra minutes, bundle packages etc. Even after I say “I am decreasing services because you guys suck and I am going to finish the contract and get another service provider”.

    Reading the above stories tells me that it is an overall poor business practice and that it is getting worse not better. If they don’t give a shit about people who have used services for 45-50 years than a loyal customer of five means shit.

    Oh by the way I briefly had internet services. It never worked, was slow and cost more than any other provider and on top of it I paid for the modem outright (second hand one) to avoid modem charges and I was supposed to get services at 36.00 – after 3 months my bill increased to over 50 bucks a month. I cancelled. I asked why they were charging me more when I was told by the purchase of my modem that I would get services at 36.00. They told me that this was for a few months only. Of course that was never explained to me and wasn’t on the contract that I did go through thouroughly afterwards. They also made me send the modem back or were going to charge me 98.00 for it. I sent it back like the guy above except with the box I had purchased it with. I paid 25.00, but honestly the customer service rep argued with me that it didn’t matter to me because I will never use it again as I never plan on using their services again in the future.

    I am going to make a formal complain to the BBB and I believe there is a communications regulator that you can make a formal complaint to as well.

    Oh clincher I just got disconnected by Bell after being on hold for over an hour. Should I get disconnected again then I won’t reconnect it, and just pay it out of its contract each month.

    What ever happened to good old fashioned customer service — when it mattered?

  36. I initially signed up for Bell as I was in a commecial building and we didn’t have any other options for internet. I didn’t have to much problem initially other than I was paying much higher rates than I should. I signed a year contract. After about a 2 years and 3 months I moved locations to a new place that included internet (ya!), so I call Bell to cancel my service. 30 mins waiting before I get a customer service rep. It is at this time that they tell be I am still under contract and there will be a penalty of 3 months. I am like “What? I only had a year contract” they then inform me that my contract AUTO-RENEWS every year, so I am now on the hook for 3 months of service. I ask to speak to a manager, I am put on hold for another 20 minutes, then the operator says that a manager isn’t available, and that if I like I can get a manager to call me back within 72 hours. I tell the guy I don’t want to wait and to just send me my bill (I gave up at that point.) So I wait for the final bill, and nothing shows up in the mail. I call them again a month later to request my final bill, and for them to send me a box or something so i can send them there modem back. They tell me that they have been sending my bills to the old address, the one I told them I was moving from and would never ever be going back to, so I give them my new address (again). 3 months later I get a call from there collection department for the bill. I tell them I have been waiting for the bill and it was never sent to me. They respond coldly with some vague thing saying must have been a computer glitch or something, and they tell me they are charging me late fees on the bill I never got. I ask them where they have been sending the bills, and of course it is still my old address, so again i give them my new address. All in all a total bunch of useless tools. I will NEVER deal with Bell again!

  37. Violated by Ma Bell Over Turbo Hub

    I have my phone, satelite and internet with Bell. Having put up with the terrible connection on my TV satelite for years they finally found a solution to it. Then, like a fool I decided to switch to the Bell Turbo Hub for internet service. Wow, I did not know you could supply such poor service and get away with it. I have been calling them on a regular basis for a year with connectivity issues and they keep telling me that I am in a marginal service area. I remind them that they seem to have forgotten to tell me it was a marginal service area when they sold me the Turbo Hub. Of course their response is “we cannot guarantee service”. So I called them, again, on Sptember 29th to be told that they have had a degraded service problem at the local tower for 18 days and they provided me with an “escalated” service ticket number. So now on October 4th it has become so bad that I have no connection most of the time. Call them today and they tell me that nobody has been assigned to the service ticket. So I tell them I have had it and want out of their product. Some extremely kind supervisor, who I cannot speak to, says that out of the generosity of Bell I will only have to pay $120.00 cancellation fee and not the $240.00 that they should charge me. I tell them it is not acceptable and they really do not care. Pay the $120.00 or we will continue to bill you each month and provide you with terrible service, and don’t forget, we get to screw you one more time because you have to give us 30 days notice. After being a customer for 30 years I have had it with Bells attitude. We should be able to charge them for putting us on hold for so long when you call in. Somebody needs to give a course on Customer Service at Bell.
    Does anybody know how to get through to this group of people who hide behind the front line? Do supervisors exist or is it another group of answers on a screen that the person answering the phone can read off to you if the correct parameters are met? Does anybody know if we can sue Bell Canada for not meeting the minimum obligations in their contract?
    Usually you would get a kiss with these actions but I feel violated by Ma Bell.

  38. Where I live, bell supplys us with the shittiest internet available, 60 bucks a month for 25kb/s download speed when we are promised atleast 200 and if i wanted the faster internet from them i would be limited to 10 gigs a month like wtf? thats nothing. they are greedy lazy ass holes who put making money before providing quality to their customers

  39. Bell will Belly up very soon…Wicked crooked company…To hell with bell. I will be calling the head office. These assholes are charging me hundreds for a service that was probably ordered erroneously…They are so tricky. NHL Live…I don’t watch hockey…They will not cancel the service as a third party is charging them…Can someone explain this to me. After a month…nope I have to pay. So easy to charge me. I would really like to know why Bell is allowed to get away with this. Bell is headed to the same place Block Busters is right now…bankruptcy hell…kharma is a bitch bell…worst company ever…even your employee hates you and is contributing to your demise.


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