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Bell Canada Update

    It’s been a relatively quiet couple of months now since my major headaches with Bell Canada. Both my Bell ExpressVu and home phone service problems have been resolved. So here’s a little update on my Bell Canada woes.

    If you recall (or if you read about it from the link above), I had to argue with the Bell ExpressVu agent just to get them to give me the programming I wanted. In the end, he did as I asked. Low and behold, when my bill came it was exactly as I expected. Heck, I was almost disappointed to see it correct! ;)

    They credited me for the correct number of days I was out of service and the best part was that they actually re-adjusted my Sympatico start date to be the day I was finally able to active my account and not the original date. It’s sort of hard to use a DSL internet connection if you have no phone line. ;) At least they realized that automatically.

    Now I’m just waiting for the programming credits I’m supposed to get with Bell ExpressVu. We’ll see how long that takes.

    The only other amusing thing is that Bell ExpressVu has recently increased all their pricing. For once, being in a long term contract is working to my favour! They are going to keep my bill the same for the duration as long as I don’t make any changes. That’s easy enough to accomplish – I don’t think I want to deal with getting Bell to do anything to my account anytime soon!

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