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Bell ExpressVu Customer Service

Another entry in my continuing saga with Bell Canada.

On Saturday August 20th, I got my ExpressVu dish installed. Mr. Bill Williams Jr. came and took care of everything. He did a very nice clean install and it didn’t take him very long. Once he was completed, he called up Bell ExpressVu to handle his part of the activation. No problem. Then he handed me my cell phone (oh yeah, remember, I didn’t have home phone service at this time because Bell Repair couldn’t figure out how to swap a line card) and I got to talk to Edgar. Oh Edgar. What a wonderful “Customer Service” agent you are.

Edgar starts out ok but quickly I learn he’s going to make this difficult. I’m simply trying to activate my service, nothing more. I had the Bell ExpressVu brochure ( copy copy) open in front of me and I had already used Bell’s interactive channel/theme pack chooser online. I tell Edgar the 5 theme packs I want because according to the brochure and the website, if I choose 4 theme packs I get one free for $20/month. That makes 5 theme packs for $20.

Edgar proceeds to tell me that I can’t do that. He tells me the only way I can get 5 theme packs is to take the Movie Lover’s combo which is $64/mon (instead of the $45 I would be paying according to the brochure) but he’d be nice and give me it for $39 for two months. Uh. No. Edgar, I want the 5 theme packs for $20.

Edgar then proceeds to tell me that he’s trying to get what’s best for me and that there is no way to get 5 theme packs for the price of 4. On top of that, he tells me he’s been with Bell for over 2 years and it’s never been this way. Oh really Edgar? Maybe you should do some reading because it’s this way now.

Finally after more of me telling Edgar what he doesn’t know and him insisting over and over that I am wrong, he caves and agrees to give me the 5 theme packs. Insane, I had to actually argue with the guy to get him to give me what I wanted. All he had to say was that he didn’t think it was the best option and then just do what I asked. Nothing more!

4 thoughts on “Bell ExpressVu Customer Service”

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  2. Would someone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Unfortunately I live in hamilton and Bell Express Vu has the monopoly on the cable service I like to watch. Cogeco which is the other provider does not carry this channel and Rogers, carries the service but is not allowed to provide service in our area.

    Ao guess what, we have a constant battle with Bell witht eh “disservice” they provide us.

    We had an enthusiastic technician who came here and installed our Sky Dish Service.

    From day 1 we have had nothing but constant problems. I spend practically 4 hours a month conteding with some technician on trying to “fix” the service and every week we either have the receiver not working the rmote is dead or the second service is shot. We have not have had 1 week yet since June of this year when we truly had no problem.

    In the middle of our shows the receiver stars re-loading, the guide does not work, the channels we requested are no available.

    I made several calls and after speakig with a tecnician in August, we agreed to pay Bell for one month of service, and have Bell Fix all the bugs before resume billing.

    They have re-negged on their Tech’s promise and today we are at the mercy of this monopoly. I am sitting here like I did on X-mas week with no service and of course you cannot speak to anyone after 7.00 pm

    Do compain to CRTC? Does anyone know who I should escalate my requests to ?

    Need Help.

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  4. I have bell expressvu and I want to watch reruns of little house on the prairie does anyone know what channel its HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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