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Bell TV soliciting already!

    I recently posted about our decision have no more Bell ExpressVu TV. Everything has been fantastic since ditching the dish.

    Ironically, yesterday in our mail was an envelope from Bell. In that envelope was an offer to, you guessed it, sign up for Bell TV and get a “fantastic” deal for new subscribers.

    Uh, Bell, I guess you missed that I just canceled our Bell TV service. I don’t want your product. Anyways, after I laughed for a split second I promptly put the letter in the shredder. Done and done.

    I’m a little slow at times but I did finally learn my lesson – No more Bell TV for me.

    On a related note – I had a comment from Melissa on my Bell Canada Still Sucks post and she was having problems with Bell TV and returning her receivers. Apparently Bell “never received” them and now she is getting dinged even though she has proof of them being sent by Canada Post.

    I’m a little concerned by this because I haven’t received any confirmation yet that they indeed received my PVR that I sent back via the same method. I know they received it because I have the tracking number which shows it was received. I’m really fed up with having to fight with Bell for everything. Here’s hoping that this really is the end of the Bell TV era for us.

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