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Canadian Tire Christmas LED Light Promotion!

In case you missed it being advertised, there is a Canadian Tire Christmas LED Light promotion on now. On top of getting up to 50% off of various multi-coloured Noma LED light sets, you can also make use of the $2 off coupon from the Ontario Power Authority. The Every Kilowatt Counts program sent coupons out to all homes in Ontario a number of weeks ago. Don’t worry if you can’t find your coupons for the LED Christmas lights though. Canadian Tire usually has a bunch of them in store. You may have to ask the right person but when I bought my lights today, I just had to ask the cashier about it. Even then, I think she already applied the discount before I even asked for it. :)

For a set of 70 Noma LED Christmas lights, it cost $5.40 after tax and after the rebate was applied. That’s a savings of about $9.40 per set of lights!

Don’t wait too long though! The Canadian Tire Christmas LED Light promotion is only on until November 23, 2007. Also, don’t forget that the Every Kilowatt Counts coupons are only good until November 30, 2007.

10 thoughts on “Canadian Tire Christmas LED Light Promotion!”

  1. I bought the Noma LED light 3 years ago from
    Canadian tire for $24.99 tax, and now 2 strings gone – as the light bulbs not working. I thought when they advertised, they said it will last longer and have 5 years warranty.

    right now, not sure where I could claim my warranty back, any idea?

  2. petula: I’ve been buying Noma lights for three years now and I’ve also had some strings die on me. As long as you have your receipt, you should be able to go back to Canadian Tire and get a replacement set. I had to do that with two different sets last year and the lights were used and over a year old. I didn’t have any problem as the Noma lights have a 5 year warranty and I had my receipts.

    If you don’t have your receipts, I think you may be out of luck. You can try talking to your local Canadian Tire and see what they can do for you but I believe the warranty requires you to have your receipt.


  3. Purchased mine at Nov. sale and kept them until use for July at my trailer..they lasted only 5 WEEKS and then DIED…don’t have my rec. but given the price i intend to have them replaced by CTIRE…no will not be in my vocabulary. I’ll post again to let you know the outcome.

  4. I purchased 2 strings of white Noma outdoor lights last year. I am now having second thoughts, as one string is compleatly out. It does pass the electricity on the the next string which is only half out. I didn’t save my receipt. I may be saving the environment but certainly not my wallet! I thought the idea was to spend a little more upfront for savings down the line. Should have kept my 15 year old incandesant strings which did have to have the bulbs replaced but at least I could make them work.

  5. Buy a new set, pack up the non-functioning one and return it. They must stand behind their product one way or another.

  6. If you are going to keep receipts, photocopy them. Thermal printer paper which is used degrades in time. You go to pull a receipt and it is BLANK….good luck exchanging when you can’t read most of the receipt. Only piece of advise…have had bad luck with the LEDs that way…some of the new manufacturers are giving with interchangeable bulbs….taken them long enough!

    1. That’s a really good point about the receipts. I know we’ve had to start photocopying every receipt from Costco because they will fade within days. The Canadian Tire ones seem to last longer (I have some that are over 2 years old now and still very legible) but your point is definitely valid.

  7. The Costco Lights have the same problem with high burn out rate. As I also no longer had receipt’s from last year’s lights I did same as suggested above, I bought new sets of the same lights to replace the bad ones, and then returned the bad ones in the box the new ones came in. I even told the clerk that’s exactly what I was doing, and she said that was fine.

  8. i bought tons of lights from every where,i find that these lights are a rip off, u pay alot for these ,if u compare your light bill to the amount of these amounts, lights purchased, id rather pay the light bill ,we payed over 600 dollars for these things and lassted not long at all.bring back the c7-9 bulbs,atleast you can change them.

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