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Charlottetown needs long term snow storage solution

    According to this CBC News article, Charlottetown needs a long term snow storage solution.

    CBC Prince Edward Island – City seeks site to dump snow

    “We need to look at a site just to store our snow permanently,” (Terry Bernard) says.

    Damn, it makes it sound like Charlottetown has snow all year round. ;) I know it feels like there are only two seasons in Prince Edward Island (winter and construction) but we don’t need to have stories like this suggesting that there is snow all the time.

    On a more serious note, I know what it is like in Charlottetown during the winter. Since the downtown core doesn’t have very much open space, snow usually gets plowed into the middle of the road. It is then put into dumptrucks by huge snow blowers to be taken out of the city core. It was always interesting driving in the downtown core the day after a big snow storm. Every street was basically a boulevard and you often had to plan your trips to make a couple extra turns so you would be on the correct side of the road to get where you wanted to go.

    So I can understand why Charlottetown needs a long term snow storage solution. Since there are so many concerns over the snow, or more specifically, what is mixed in with the snow, it only makes sense to find somewhere less “public” to dump it. A chunk of vacant land (not park land) would be much easier to clean up in the spring and fewer people would be as concerned.


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