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Chevy Silverado SS

WOW! :) A Chevy Silverado SS Regular cab was shown at SEMA this year. Sweet!

It looks like Chevy might have finally realized that the extended cab SS was a bad idea. This bad boy (if they build it) sounds like it could be one sweet truck. It sounds like this truck could even beat a Ford Lightning. From the write up at it sounds like the Chevy doesn’t have a supercharger. 395hp without a supercharger is already in the range that the Lightning has. Cool. :)

I think I’d seriously consider this rig if it does come into production. It sure as hell wouldn’t be cheap on gas though. ;) A 6.0L V8 would just drink the petrol. Woo-hoo!

Update: Well, besides the point that Damo (below) has posted specs on the Chevy SS Extended Cab as opposed to the Regular cab concept that was shown at the Sema 2002 show, if the new Ford Lightning concept that was shown at NAIAS 2003 makes it to production, Ford will blow Chevy out of the water again.

Oh, and when did I ever say that I knew what I was talking about? :P

I was crazy enough to custom order a 5-speed manual on my 2001 Sierra. :)

19 thoughts on “Chevy Silverado SS”

  1. This truck looks wicked!
    I think the Avalanche is a truly ungly vehicle. But I’ve gotten used to the front end treatment on the pick-ups. I doesn’t seem quite as harsh.
    I do think we should have the option of turning the 4wd off or on on demand though. Why waste the gas while doing 80 on the highway???

  2. Performance figures:
    – Power 345 bhp / 257.4 kW @ 5200 rpm
    – BHP/Liter 57.8
    – Torque 516 Nm / 380.6 ft lbs @ 4000 rpm
    – Power to weight ratio 0.14 bhp/kg
    – Top Speed N/A
    – 0-60 mph Acceleration N/A

    Read the specs correctly. You insult the Ford Lightning by saying this truck is in contention with it, even with out the supercharger. There is no possible way you can get 395 horses out of a 6.0 liter motor without some sort of Power-adder such as the Eaton supercharger on the Lightning. Pay attention dude, and actually act like you know what your talking about instead of being a Fast & Furious watcher/vehicle Spec-spitter.


  3. Look I am a ford dealer, and don’t get me wrong I love what is going on in the sport truck market. But personally I think Chevy has it in the bag. Especially if they build the regular cab SS, because its what people want LOTS OF POWER on demand and its not going to cost them an arm and a leg. Ford needs to realize that and come down off the price of the lightning. And as for horsepower if 395hp isn’t enough power to drive you down the road then their is something seriously wrong. In closing I would like to say that I sell ford vehicles for a living, but if chevy brings out the regular cab SS I’ll be the first guy at my local chevy dealer to buy one.

  4. I drive a 03Hd and have a 78 nova w 450 horses and love the chevy ss but the idea of the single cab is awsome. i cant wait to feel 395 in my truck

  5. This truck would be awesome if any one knows when or if it is really coming out please tell me thanks Lightning ……your time is almost up ….the matrix has you!!

  6. I am a avid Chevy fan, I currently own a 02′ Z71 Ext. Silverado and I love everything about it. I also have a roommate that bleeds ford blue, he just recently bought a 02′ Lightning. Now I have never owned a Ford and I can sit there and dog the shit out of Ford all day long, but I also like some of the ideas that they employ on there line up. Like the SuperDuty line of trucks, I just love them there eveything a truck should be. Big, Beautiful, and full of power. Also the up comming GT (GT40) and the 05′ Mustang, they have the balls and a great design team to put these works of art out on the public showroom floors. Then you have the Lightning, now I have to tell you when that Supercharger kicks in and your head is pinned to the seat back, well there’s not much close to that from the factory. Hell I alomst bought one, but then I remebered the Reg. Cab SS and the 395 hp 6.o liter well my mind went back to the Chevy side of things. Now everyone who has posted on here has talked about the Engine, but there’s also the suspension. Check this out A proper performance stance and sports car-like handling were achieved with Eibach lowering springs and a solid 33 mm front stabilizer bar from Hotchkis Performance and Bilstein shocks. The springs and shocks work harmoniously to provide a firm, but compliant ride. At the rear, engineers swapped in the five-link suspension from a Tahoe, which required cutting the Silverado?s production rear frame and welding in the Tahoe?s rear frame section. The five-link design, which has two upper control arms, two lower control arms and a track bar, provides greater overall agility, as well as better control of side-to-side movement of the rear axle. The rear axle of the Silverado Regular Cab SS has a limited slip differential and a 3.73 gear ratio. Then the transmission with a custom shift handle that?s topped with a traditional Hurst shift knob. It stirs the gears of a T-56 six-speed manual transmission. And to the IDIOT called “Damo” if you think that you can’t achieve a 50hp upgrade with out using a, as you put it “power-adder” well consider this your first lesson in engine build up 101. The cylinder heads are specially modified versions of aluminum Corvette LS6 units. They?ve been reworked to provide more airflow, and the volume of the combustion chambers was reduced to raise the engine?s compression ratio to 10.5:1. The engine also employs a special high-lift roller camshaft, as well as a custom oil pan that features an elongated sump and a Corvette LS1 oil deflector. Horsepower is 395 at 5500 rpm, and torque is 409 lbs.-ft. at 4500 rpm. So there you go Damo I, as a added bonus I leave all of the upgrades done to the SS at the end of this post. O and one more thing, the stats you have on the 6.0 liter are from the stock engine in the EXT. CAB SS!!!, the rest of us seem to be able to read and understand that what Regular Cab means! I hope that this truck hits the production line soon, cause if it does I will be first in line!

    6.0-liter small block V-8 (iron block with aluminum cylinder heads)
    Special high-lift roller camshaft
    Special Corvette LS6 cylinder heads revised for greater flow
    Combustion chamber volume reduced from 64.6 cc to 58.5 cc
    Custom exhaust headers
    10.5:1 compression ratio
    Cast aluminum oil pan with elongated sump and Corvette oil deflector Delphi engine management
    K&N air filter
    395 horsepower @ 5500 rpm
    409 lbs.-ft. of torque @ 4500 rpm
    T-56 six-speed manual transmission
    Centerforce clutch
    Manual steering
    Dual catalytic converters
    Fabricated 2.5-inch-diameter exhaust system
    Edelbrock RPM mufflers
    Brushed aluminum rectangular tailpipes
    Limited slip differential with 3.73 gears
    Five-link rear suspension from Tahoe
    Bilstein shock absorbers
    Eibach springs (1.5-inch lower in front, 2.25-inch lower in rear)
    Hotchkis Performance front stabilizer bar (33 mm solid)
    20 x 8.5-inch wheels
    Goodyear Eagle LS 295/55/20 tires
    12-inch brake rotors (dual piston calipers in front, single piston calipers in rear)
    Silverado SS fascias and rocker extensions
    Graphite cloth bench seat
    White-faced instruments with ?SS? logo
    Custom shift handle with Hurst ball shift knob

  7. Anyone in the Hampton Rds VA. Area interested in buying fully loaded, victory red, brand new 2003 Silverado SS (never been titled, last one in inventory) pls call me @ (757) 270-6819

    Kenny Anderson
    Chevy Senior Sales Consultant
    Bay Chevrolet, Norfolk, VA.

    1. Can u please call me when u have time id like to ask a few ???? I am looking for a single cab ss iv been told that there out there and were manufactured in 04. Can u help????

  8. This truck is just plain bad ass. The ford lightning sucks i hate it so much, it is such an ugly truck. This truck has style and looks the lightning is f***** ugly i hate it. With its 395 horsepower engines thats all motor no supercharger (ford) it will smoke a lightning easily. It’s true what that on guy said ford uses supercharger to boost there engines for the mustangs, and there trucks. I dont know of any car or truck from chevy that has a supercharger in it. Except for the Impala and the monte carlo which is understandable with its V6 engines. Chevy is simply better than anything out there.

  9. Before you get too excited, you chevy folks might want to do a little research on the Ford Lightning Concept. It’ll be out in late 2004/early 2005. You’ll have to do a lot of modifying to your chevys but short from putting a Ford enigne in there, it still won’t come close to the specs. the Lightning Concept has.

    No, the new Dodge (talk about ugly) trucks, hemi or no hemi isn’t faster either. Ford Lightning still has the fastest truck out there. Even the 2003 Ford Harley Davidson 100 year Anniversary F-150 is faster than the current chevyss. It took the competition a while to start putting vehicles out that tries to compete with the Lightning but the SVT team is still a step ahead. Have fun while it lasts but the next Lightning is about to go into production.

  10. Steve… poor steve…. you have an awful perception problem. The Lightning looks good. Very good. Yes, it look better then any of the mother fugly sh**vrolets!

    And another thing, you know darn well Ford has a better engine then chitvrolets. Emergency vehicles, ambulances, patrol cars, state troopers, etc… are almost always a FORD. They buy them because the LAST and they don’t burn up or wear out quick like a chitvrolet.

    Wake up steve, please.

  11. well,admit the lightning is fast, but there is a way to produce 395 horsepower out of a 6.o liter engine. Im surprised its not putting out more than that. SLP (makers of the camaro ss) rebuilt an LS1 engine 5.7 of a camaro pushing out 500 hp without a supercharger. Heres a website http://camaroz28/articles/2002zl1/ where they have camaro with a zo6 V8 pushing 400 hp. (Without A SUPERCHARGER!) I Think putting a supercharger is just a way of covering up a weak engine in a ford. Now, put a supercharger in that 400 hp v8, baby…you’ll be hauling ass. Chevrolet just likes to be true to the muscle car engine and dont think that superchargers are necessary to produce hp.

    heres other website

  12. looks like chevy’s not playing anymore games..well it was fun while it lasted..i don’t know what you guys are talking about, but 345hp without a supercharger is nuts. i know its a large engine, but ford “needs” to supercharge, we’re not like that. those things are gonna be somking once there out there..yeah thanks ford

  13. you guys are funny, both ford and chevy make great vehicles, I dont think anyone yet has mentioned, or for that matter has a friggen clue about engines and how they work.

    If you want to get 400 horsepower out of an engine you can do it many ways, if chevy tunes their engine to 400 HP with no forced induction you can bet your boots it will be due to a little higher compression ratio like 9.5 or 10 to 1. What this means is that if you added forced induction later youd be limited to 5 PSI due to too high of compression. If you start with the ford engine with the stock supercharger you get an engine already built a little stonger on the bottom to handle the boost and it has a relativly low compression ratio 8 to 1, this gives us the option to tweak it to 12 PSI or more (injectors, FMU, Boost control, fuel pump, reprogrammed ECU may also be required to obtain 12 PSI) and this will put that engine to well over 500 HP. Now I know the SS was kind of a flop because chevy thought that it would offer more than ford by using an extended cab chassis, but this only destroyed the concept, small fast truck with style… If I were to get a chevy pickup Id go with the crew cab denali pickup, it is only $4,000 more than the SS and has the same engine and all wheel drive system, but then again it is a weak comparison to the 02-03 harley davidson edition F-150 (the most bad-ass sport truck ever conceived from factory) which has a slightly detuned lightning engine (down to 340 HP) but has an astonishing 428 FT-LBS of torque!!! This is why the chevys and dodge trucks need 450-500 HP to do what the supercharged ford does with 400 HP, Torque is what gets heavy vehicles through the 1/4 mile quickly.

    And when my 03 HD edition f150 was stock it ran just under 14 seconds in the 1/4 mile (ford claims 14.03 as there official time), chevy can barely hit a high 14 (14.96) with there non-supercharged 6.0 that has (345HP) 5 more HP than my truck!!!

    In addition to all that my supercharged truck gets 15mpg in town and 19 on the highway, the SS and denali’s only get 13mpg in town and 17 on the highway(if your lucky.)

    And my final request is this, I want everyone to take a moment to look back in time from the harley davidson edition, the lightning, the mustangs, and damn even the automobile, ford has come up with the great ideas, and chevy has tried to copy them…

    P.S. have you guys seen the interior on a harley davidson edition??? talk about sexy, the ladies cant keep there clothes on in this truck!!

  14. well i own a chevy silverado ss and i would like to know how to make it faster
    with out hurting anything it is a 2003

  15. You guys are dreaming. The 2003 has serious brake issues. Soft brakes, going to floor, long distance stopping. I hope Ford can get its power house to stop.
    You can make it faster but will it stop when you need it.

  16. yeah, well i just want to throw this out there… i found a sight a few months back and i have been unsuccessful n finding it again, (good luck iv been lookin) but it has an article about a guy who got tired of waiting for the regular cab, so he built his own, and let me tell you she was beautiful! he bought a new 2003-2004 reg cab, threw in a LS 2, sixspeed, the works, SS badges, and bumpers. it looked just like the SEMA truck! even with the 20 inch SS rims, wich i must add if your gonna go big with the rims those do it, and they do it well. but when he was done it was amazing, the article has step by step with pics.

    ohh and another thing yeah the lightnings are quick and all but they are like the mustangs, they are every where!!!!! i own a 93 silverado sidestep, with a few mods here and there, and it weighs just a little more than those new mustangs everyone is raving about, kinda sad, ford needs to get on the ball…..

    back to the SS, i figure what the HAAY! if chevy doent come out with one soon ill build my own! run the SS body and looks play around with the 5.3, then save some money and get my hands on a LS6 crate motor….. i no alot of those mustang gt guys that would get realy pissed of watchin a blk streek blast by them….. ohhh i dream of the day!!! neways yall look for the article, its great, i think the only thing the guy didnt do was drop in the tahoe rearend….. but ill get to searching and post the site if i find it. its worth lookin into.

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