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Chicken Pox!

    Well, the rugrat has chicken pox. We’ve been wondering for a couple days now if the two little spots on her cheek were chicken pox but today we got confirmation from her doctor who said:

    Yup, those are chicken pox. No vaccination for you!

    So far we only have two actual pox and what looks like maybe two more spots that just started today. If she’s lucky, she’ll get away with only mild chicken pox.

    Anyhoo, now we’re not sure what’s happening for the next week. Our daycare provider doesn’t really care that she has chicken pox but we’re not really sure if she’s going to be in good enough spirits to go to daycare. Could make for a long week!

    Guess we could always have a “Pox Party” and invite all the kids in the neighbourhood. Although, according to our daycare provider, it sounds like most of Kemptville already has chicken pox. Doh!

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