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Dale Holt’s 1952 GMC

    I’ve always liked trucks and found older trucks interesting because they have more style than the ones rolling out now. I’ve been interested in the 1947 to 1954 Chevrolet trucks since I saw one in (of all things) the Queens of the Stone Age video for Go With the Flow:

    It took me a while to figure out what the truck was but after some web searching I tracked it down. Now I’m hooked. The styling, lines, shape and stance of these trucks is simply amazing. Of course, I’m a little more inclined to lean towards the hot rod trucks as opposed to the meticulously restored trucks.

    As part of all this, I stumbled across The Stovebolt Page which is the pretty much the Mecca of information on early model Chevrolet and GMC trucks. There are a whole lot of experienced people on the forums who can provide answers or solutions to most problems. Some day I’ll stop lurking there – when I get my old truck.

    One of the trucks that The Stovebolt Page has in their gallery is Dale Holt’s 1952 GMC. I love Dale Holt’s 1952 GMC! I’m not entirely sure why but I think it just looks amazing. It’s still sporting the surface rust and patina of a 54 year old truck. Amazing.

    The feature story about the Lil Rascals Rod Shop and how this truck came to be put back on the road is also really great. It makes me realize that I could learn enough to get a truck like this on the road.

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