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David Emerson –
‘I don’t really care’ about reaction to party switch: Emerson

Mr. David Emerson, it’s nice to know you don’t really care. You claim that you’ve switched parties for the benefit of your constituents but at the same time, you don’t really care about the complaints coming from the same constituents.

“I think these people ought to give their head a shake and ask themselves how much of that money would have even come to the Liberal party if I hadn’t been there.”

That’s a really nice thing to say Mr. David Emerson. It must be nice to have someone foot the bill for you and then to just turn around and complain that they are all idiots and should just put up with your choice. Especially since your choice was for the benefit of those same constituents and supporters that you’ve just screwed over. Why didn’t you run for the Conservatives? Oh right, because the Conservatives haven’t been elected in your riding in almost 50 years. You didn’t stand a chance if you switched to the Conservative party before the election so why not just milk those Liberal supporters for all their time and money just to walk all over them after you get elected.

Mr. David Emerson, I would have to disagree that you have made this party switch for the benefit of your constituents. It sounds more like you had the carrot dangled in front of you and you jumped at the chance to advance your own agenda. Not only that, you’re crazy enough to badmouth the 20064 people that actually supported and voted for you.

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