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Dreamhost offers 20GB for $7.95/month

    Wow. Dreamhost offers 20GB for $7.95/month now. Amazing. I’ve been hosting with Dreamhost since August 2000 and have been very happy with their service. Lots of cutting edge web apps available as one click installs (like WordPress which I’m using for this blog) and I’ve yet to run out of space for my simple web presense. I’ve been very pleased with them and have referred a couple of my friends and co-workers for this very reason. Yes, as some of you probably know, Dreamhost offers a cool rewards program for referrals. It’s come in handy to help lower the cost of my web hosting even more so I can continue to muck around with new stuff.

    So if you are considering using Dreamhost as your web host, please feel free to put “jivany” as your referrer, or click on any of the Dreamhost links to automagically make me your referrer. Unfortunately, not everyone puts in a referrer when they sign up. Dreamhost gets to keep that extra reward cash and no one else benefits.

    In case you’re wondering, I am still with the old 10% reward program. My goal isn’t to make a ton of money off of this. It’s to refer a small group of people to a really great webhost. I’m still a really long way from having free webhosting because of referral rewards. ;)

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