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EcoWater Water Softener to Replace Kenmore Water Softener

Since we had a ruptured resin tank on our Kenmore water softener, I started looking around at our options on how we could replace the unit. Well, most important before that was to fix the broken bypass valve that was leaking.

After pricing out the cost of repairing the Kenmore water softener, I realized that a new water softener was going to be a better idea. Repair was coming in to almost the same price as buying a new tank. There are a lot of water softeners out there to choose from and a lot of places you can buy. In the end, I was looking at about $1200 to buy a comparable water softener. On top of that, I’d have to get it installed and deal with removal of the old one.

So, what did I do? I opted to get a local Kemptville company to come in and install a new EcoWater water softener. Brian from B. Baird Water Conditioning came by and took a look at our problem. He offered to install a new bypass valve as a temporary solution to our leaking water. In the end, I just had him install a new two tank EcoWater water softener. The total cost was $1802 and included everything, even the taxes. Now, I’m sure I could have saved a bit if I had installed a softener myself but I’ve never done plumbing before and I didn’t really want to learn doing something that could potentially leave me without water in the house. In the end it was just much easier to pay a couple more bucks and have it done properly.

The best part about the EcoWater water softener? It has a lifetime warranty on the resin tank.

5 thoughts on “EcoWater Water Softener to Replace Kenmore Water Softener”

  1. I too have the same problem with the ruptured resine tank, but I was hoping to read that you would of got sears cover the tank under the 10 year warranty program

  2. Firstly Kenmore and Sears… softeners are made by ecowater/northstar and secondly yes they all need a good warranty as I have seen more of their tanks fail than any other make on the market.

    1. If I had more time to research a new softener when my previous one ruptured, I’d have been able to determine exactly what you’re saying (a couple minutes with Google find a lot of information). Like I mentioned, the only real improvement is that the Ecowater brand has the lifetime resin tank warranty.

      It’s been over 2 years now with no issues – hopefully that will continue for many more!

  3. I hope you have better luck with ecowater than I have. I recently had my bypass valve crack. When I got the replacement they generously gave me the replacement valve o-rings and clips for a mere $104.00. Unfortunately they only gave me half the parts I needed and my family went the night and next day without water in the house. Thank you ecowater for your understanding and only charging a %15 restocking fee when i bought you back your parts.

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