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Episode 10

    Well, looks like Ted got caught in King Brian’s trap. ;)

    Brian really does have control over everything now. Ted really was his one problem. By getting everyone to vote Ted out, now Brian has an easy route to the end, but who does he take with him?

    It looks like everything is sort of hinged on the next immunity challenge. It could really make a difference as to who gets voted out. Duh! ;) Seriously though, I think Jan is next on the block. She only really has Helen to count on at the moment and Brian can sway both Helen and Clay without much effort. Of course, Clay would probably rather get rid of Helen, but he might be willing to get rid of Jan first and then try to get to the end with Brian. Maybe. ;)

    All in all, if I were in the final four right now, I think I’d be trying to figure out some way to get rid of Brian. He has too much control. Of course, if I were in the final four, I may not be able to see that depending on how well he really does hide what he’s doing.

    Well, it all comes to an end next week. Good thing too. I need to stop watching so much TV on Thursday nights!

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