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Episode 3

    Well, Ghandia is a complete moron. What the hell is she doing? She accepted Ted’s appology and that should have been the end of it. Stupid! While she may have thought it was a good idea that might get Ted booted off next, I’m thinking she’s just signed her own vote off. The whole temper tantrum sure didn’t help any. Stupid.

    On the stupid note, Skater Boy is on his way to being the dumbest person in the game. “We lost because of rules.” No you dumbass, you lost because you didn’t follow the ground rules of the game. How did you make it this far in life without obeying at least some of the rules? You knew that you had to be in “the zone” or you would be removed form the game. A very simple concept for the majority of the world, yet the kids had 4 of their players removed because they couldn’t follow some simple rules. Stupid.

    It’s good to see Jed voted off. I was wondering how long it would take before that team lost an immunity challenge on purpose just to get rid of him. Skater Boy and Firechick are not in a good position now either. Since they both voted with Jed, they may have sealed their fate also. Should be interesting. I know my next vote would be for Skater Boy. He’s just too much of a loose cannon that is going to cause problems.

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