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Episode 4

    Ghandia, you suck. Buh-Bye.

    hehe. So what did we learn today? We discovered that you can’t try and force other people to think like you do. We also found out that sometimes you should keep personal things PERSONAL. Ghandia, you voted yourself off.

    Firefighter girl is good but she’s really putting herself in a hard spot. She’s got to pull her head out of her ass soon and realize that if she doesn’t get with the program she’s going to be booted. She may be able to survive but only if the other team keeps losing immunities.

    The rest of that bunch are pretty non-descript. They don’t do much at all that is out of the ordinary. Seems like something needs to happen to spice it up.

    So I wonder what’s going to happen to skater boy. It’s probably something stupid like he slipped on a clam or something.

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