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Episode 5

    Well, this show was a bit of a boring one. Nothing really interesting happened. Skater Boy is a big wimp. So he steps on something that takes a jab at his foot. Yeah, it may hurt but holy crap, Shi was right – big baby.

    Stephanie was sort of expected. I really wish she hadn’t isolated herself from the beginning as that was a really bad idea. Shi is on her way to be the next one voted off but that is just because of numbers. That group seems to be pretty split now but who knows what will happen now that Stephanie is gone.

    Maybe Skater Boy will get booted off. Oh, please let that happen. ;)

    The other bunch have some issues now too. What was Ted thinking when he tied up the boat with some twine? Come on. Did he seriously think that it wouldn’t float away? It may be heavy but you should always mak sure it’s secured! Bah. They should build a small raft. Just enough to sit on and put the water jugs on.

    Oh well.

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