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Episode 7

    Poor Erin. :(

    Well, this show was sort of boring. The immunity challenge was interesting though. First thing I thought of when the host guy mentioned that some people might only last a couple seconds was why not just hold your breath? Most people should have been able to get at least 30 seconds by just holding their breath. Oh well.

    Too bad for Erin though. Those four were actually the best of the bunch from that tribe. Too bad they lost the immunity.

    The whole merged but not merged tribes thing is really wierd. It must make it much more difficult to work on any sort of strategy. Of course, that might not be a problem.

    I hope something interesting happens soon though. This Survivor is getting really boring now. It was only mildly interesting when the whole Ghandia/Ted thing was going on. Yet I still can’t stop watching it. Gack!

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