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Every Kilowatt Counts

A couple nights ago on the news I caught a quick reference to a new set of energy saving coupons being put out by the Ontario Conservation Bureau. Their Every Kilowatt Counts program is once again offering a number of coupons on energy saving devices starting on October 1st, 2006.

This is similar to a program that I mentioned last year in my Spend Money to Save Money post. That program was offered through Hydro One (my power utility) in conjunction with Canadian Tire. This Every Kilowatt Counts program appears to be completely generic and you can use the coupons anywhere.

The coupons are as follows:

  • ENERGY STAR® qualified Compact Fluorescent Lights: $3 off – 1 or more bulbs
  • Seasonal LED lights: $5 off – strings of 50 bulbs or more
  • Programmable Thermostats: $15 off
  • Baseboard Heater Programmable Thermostats: $15 off
  • Dimmer Switches: $3 off
  • Motion Sensor Switches: $7 off

The ones I will definitely make use of are the LED Christmas lights and the compact fluorescent bulbs. The motion sensor switches are sort of interesting too but I wonder if they can be used with compact fluorescent lights.

2 thoughts on “Every Kilowatt Counts”

  1. Yeah I heard something in passing… but didn’t catch the whole news clip. Guess this blog is good for somethin’ ;-)
    Too bad I just bought a new CFL bulb for my outdoor light.
    Every penny saved is another penny for your kid to go to school and drin…er study. :)

  2. Yeah,I just bought a box of 6 mini CFLs to replace the bulbs in the basement. Oh well, I’ve still got more bulbs that can be replaced. Mmmmm studying…

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