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Example Noma LED Christmas Lights Outside

Last season I took some pictures of my Noma LED Christmas lights outside on my little blue spruce tree. Since I had to go buy three more sets of lights this year, I figured I would take another picture as an example. The main reason is to show the difference in some of the colours of the LED lights:

Multi-colour Noma LED lights outside
Multi-colour Noma LED lights outside

The tree is now about 20 feet tall and has 8 sets of 70 lights. That’s 560 LED lights on the tree. If you notice, the green LEDs at the bottom of the tree (the new lights) are much brighter than the ones at the top. In fact, the green LEDs in the old lights are really not visible at all. I happened to notice that the markings on the lights are different so I assume that the Noma LED Christmas lights are manufactured by a different company this year versus last year. This might be the reason or maybe they just decided that the green should be brighter.

Either way, I like the new green as it ads some different colour to the tree. I will have to make sure I mix up the old and new lights a bit more next year though. The orange, red and yellow all blend together so you need to have something different. This is where the blue and green come out more. There are fewer blue and green LEDs on each strand but it would be over powering to have more blue and green lights.

16 thoughts on “Example Noma LED Christmas Lights Outside”

  1. Jeff just came home from Canadian Tire with 3 strings of lights the other day. They won’t go up until next year, though, since the snow is deep and the old ones are already on the tree (never got taken down last year, just unplugged).

  2. What? Jeff leaves the lights on the tree each year? What kind of redneck hick did you marry??? :) Next thing you know he’ll be moving you out into the country to be closer to the “kin-folk”.

  3. One who enjoys the lights every year, but hates having to put them up. The evergreen tree is thick enough that you don’t notice the Christmas lights when they’re not lit unless you’re right up close. It made pruning the tree this year fun, though.

  4. I recently purchased (3) Three of the outdoor (Lighted Gift Box)Model: 51-0955-6
    Item.:LED-XM-(FM)-3D-DG021-120v sets.They are quite different & great to look at as a outdoor display especially in the snow,its now time to remove them and store them for next season as i started to remove them i noticed they had all cracked/ripped or splitt . I will not be able to store them back in their package without doing more damage.The packaging on the box says they are for indoor/outdoor use,but the way i see it they may have a One-time use only,i bought them hoping to get a few years use out of them at $39.99 each one should hope for this. Please send some kind of response on what action i can make, such as an exchange or refund for these items.
    Thank You-Regards, mm.

  5. @Marco: If you bought them at Canadian Tire, you can probably exchange them if you have your receipt. In my experience, Canadian Tire is pretty good at doing exchanges on items that haven’t performed as expected. You will need your receipt though.

  6. Raymond Brouillette

    I have 3 sets of 70 lights on my house. this is the second season.The second half of the second set and the first half of the 3rd set are now out. I have taken a good look at the lights and can not find the problemme. Please advise.Thank you.
    Raymond Brouillette

  7. Does anyone know of a site where you can upload a picture of your house and add different outdoor light combos as an example? You see this with either paint or window/door manufacturers but I haven’t seen it with Christmas lights.
    Can anypne help?


  8. @Scott I haven’t seen anything like what you’re looking for. There probably isn’t a huge demand for it. Keep in mind that most of the time your lights are on at night and the colour of your house doesn’t really matter then. ;) It might matter if you are thinking about a spotlight or something like that.

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  10. I have sets of the 70 bulb units, 51-2835-0 and could not understand why the one string was out and not working. I decided to check out the power supply to these bulbs, and found no electricity beyond that stupid plug that is on the power source. Finally decided to take the plug to task and found out the silly fuse was gone.
    What a time trying to figure out the way to replace same, and in the end I cut off the existing plug and replaced with an ordinary 2 pronge unit. Most people would just throw the string in the garbage because of the confusing intructions, regarding the fuse situation. BAD ENGINEERING ON NOMA>

  11. I decided to make the move to LED xmas lights this year and could not be more dissapointed in the quality control by Noma. Bought 3 sets of 50 C9 for my yard tree and when I opened them, 2 out of the 3 were damaged (colored covers fell off). I returned the two sets and got two more, hoping that this was not a normal failure rate. Wrong! One of the two sets also had a cover off (missing actualy). Not sure if I want to continue this back and forth to the strore, trying to find undamaged sets.

    Is this level of quality control normal with LED lights?

    1. I can’t comment on the C9 sized lights but the C6 (or are they C7? crap, can’t remember) have been pretty good in my experience so far. In total I’ve purchased 10 or 11 sets of the Noma LED lights in either 70 or 100 bulb sets. *knock on wood* So far the only ones I’ve had to return were sets that had numerous failed lights within the first year of ownership.

      My only recommendation is that if you do the “back and forth” routine that you do it now while most people haven’t thought of their Christmas lights. Last season it wasn’t long before the only lights you could buy in stores were the ones that someone else had returned and ended up back on the shelf (which isn’t great on Canadian Tire’s part).

  12. I have Noma lights on a lare tree. I think I have about 10 strings together and they are about three years old. One string died the second night of operation, another the next night and now just recently (the third night) one string slowly dimmed until it went out as well. What the…. I mean these things aren’t cheap! I thought of them as investments. I’m truly dissapointed.

    Has anyone else run in to this problem?

    1. Leanne, the problem with outside lights is they really shouldn’t be left outside. If you left your lights on the tree during the summer, it’s possible that the sun has caused the protective plastic coating on the wires/lights to crack and break. This can then allow water to get in and corrode the wires leading to busted lights.

      Any way you look at it, it really does suck. If you kept your receipts, you might be able to return or exchange the no longer working lights. Noma lights used to have a 5 year warranty but these days you will need a receipt to make use of it at most Canadian Tire stores.

      Good Luck!

  13. Thanks, I did not leave these lights outside other than the Christmas season. I bought some strings at Walmart and returned the two strings that wern’t working. It’s too bad about this. I hope they make them better so this doesn’t happen ever 4 years!

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